Devil Survivor #19: Uh, fuck.

(Nowhere to go but here.)

: What’s sad is that this isn’t even the most predictable thing that’s happened today.

The man seems to be staring at your COMP.

: Generation Y represent.

: Or maybe Z.  It’s kinda up in the air at this point.

: …I see.  Well, there isn’t much else to do.

: Not until the looting starts, at least.

: I’m Yasuyuki Honda.  Since we’re all locked up together, why don’t we try to help each other out?  If we run into each other again, let’s share what we’ve found out.

The man calling himself Honda walked off…

: You know, I don’t think that guy actually makes cars.

: I’m just glad we didn’t have to walk all the way up there ourselves.

: Looks like we’ll have to try somewhere else.  What other ways out could there be…?

: That’s not funny.  I’d rather go around asking people than do that.

: Hey, Atsuro, you’re people.  Is there a way out?

: Nope.

: So much for that plan, then.

Tokyo: Hiba Park

Shibuya: Yuzu (); Kaido & Honda (&)

Shiba Park: Tokyo Tower

(…I don’t know why this wasn’t just part of the last update.  It’s probably ’cause I haven’t met my ‘making myself look like a stupid asshole’ quota yet.  Anyway, vote for where you want to go next and let’s try to get this back on track.)


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