Devil Survivor #18: Super-Creep Extraordinaire

: Hey, do you know this guy?

: No, but he’s kinda freakin’ me out.

: Tell me about it.  Let’s just pretend we didn’t hear him.

: Huh?  What do you want?

: I probably should have seen that one coming.

: Do you kids know Haru?

: Oh, great, it’s one of those guys.

: Uh, well…  We’ve talked to her a few times.  Who are you?

: Hey, Yuzu, do you think we could maybe not oblige the creepy stalker?

: Well, I saw her street show yesterday, and I must say, it was deeply moving.  Even through that pocket amp, her singing was breathtaking!  I work for a record label, and I’d really like to speak with her.  Could you introduce me?

: What kind of idiot-

: Do you really have to ask?

: No way…!  Haru’s going to hit the big time!?

: Oh, for fuck’s sake.

: I called my boss, and he said he definitely wants her to sign.  I just need to find her.

: Just because Yuzu’s an idiot doesn’t mean all of us are.

: Wh-What did you say, you little…!?  What makes you think I’m lying!?

: Gladly.  You say you saw Haru’s show and then called your boss?

: S-So what!?

: This is a clear contradiction, Your Honor!

: Alright, cut it out.  No Phoenix Wright jokes this time.

: Fine, go ahead, stomp all over my dreams.

: Anyway, the point here is that the phone lines aren’t working.

: You expect us to believe you used your cell phone in the lockdown?

: …!  No… that’s… that’s right!  I got the date wrong!

: …She was using her pocket amp because the power was out.  But keep trying.

: Ngh… I-I’ll remember this, you little brats!  I’m outta here!

: What a loser.

: Simmer down, Yuzu.  He’s not worth the trouble.

: Grr…!  Who WAS that guy!?  What did he want with Haru!?

: Dunno.  I guess even indie artists get stalked by creepy weirdos.

: If he shows up again, we’ll kick his ass.

: We should probably tell Haru to watch her back, though.

(The only options left are this and the Highway Offramp, so we’re headed to Kannagi-cho in accordance with the “not what Yuzu wants to do” policy.)

: Asshole.

: Hypocrite.

You look inside the container and see piles of rations and relief goods…

According to other people, and SDF helicopter dropped this container here and flew away.

You and Atsuro hurried over to get food…

: Oh, boy.  Water and… uh… whatever the hell this thing is.

: It’s a protein bar.

: I dunno, is it?  “Rations” is hella vague.

: This is weird, though.  Don’t they usually hand this stuff out themselves?

: This is like throwing a handful of food into an animal’s cage!

: Assuming this disturbingly nondescript block is actually edible, that is.

: Well, that’s true, but…

: I dunno, this seems really off.  We already know we can’t trust the government, but now they won’t even come in to distribute rations?  Is there something they know that we don’t?

: Maybe we’ve got demon plague or something.

: I’m just worried about what’s gonna happen once people figure out nobody’s coming to save us.

: No way…  What’s going to happen to us, then…?

: –and soon everyone else will, too.  It’ll be like Bioshock for nihilists.

: Nah, it’s probably just gonna be a lot of rioting.

: …

: But enough about that.  Let’s keep moving.

(Well, there’s no more putting it off.  Next time we’re doing what Yuzu wants.)


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