Devil Survivor #17: Uh, Whoops.

: Should we say hi?

: Nah, let’s just eavesdrop.

: It’s really amazing.  I just happened to find it.

: So, this is that thing…?  Then what that one customer left behind must also be…

: Uh.

: Oh.  I guess that’s not so bad, then.

: Gin…?  What’s the matter?

: …Never mind.  It’s nothing.

: I can’t wait to hear about Gin’s personal problems.

: Okay…  Well, I’m meeting up with the guys in the Daemons, so excuse me.

Omotesando: Omotesando

Shinjuku: Kannagi-cho

(So uh this is a really bad place to pick back up, seeing how that lasted all of five text boxes.  I’m going to try and get a bunch of updates out over the next few days, so vote for where you want to go next.)


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