Devil Survivor #16: Brand New Day

Voice: The cause behind the explosion that occurred two days ago at around 19:00 in Aoyama Cemetery has been confirmed to be a spark caused by power cables coming into contact and igniting a poison gas that had seeped out into the area.  The gas outbreak has been seen in several different areas.  We are currently identifying the cause of the gas and are attempting to identify it.  We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation during this time of crisis.

: I spent the last day fighting monsters using a magical DS, and that’s still the least plausible story I’ve ever heard.

: I dunno, it could explain a lot.  Maybe the demons were actually a shared hallucination brought about by the poison gas.

: I take that back.

: A poison gas caught fire, huh…?

: Yeah, you’d have to be a moron to buy into that.  It’s a painfully transparent cover-up.  We can’t trust the government, but we already knew that.

: Well, it’s not like they can just come out and say “hey everybody, you’re all going to get horribly murdered by demons!”

: …Hey, do you think the government really doesn’t know that demons exist?

: And what, they barricaded a huge chunk of the city just for kicks?  Don’t be stupid.


: Looks like the Laplace Mail is in.

GooD moRninG.

Here iS today’s NEWS.

1. A monster will appear in Minato-ku Shiba at 17:00.  Thanks to the Shomonkai, no people will be killed by it.

2. At 18:00 in Toyoshima-ku Ikebukuro over 50 people will be killed by a monster.

3. Throughout the day, sightings of monsters known as demons will be reported.

Havvvvve ■ nicE DAy.

: Why’d they farm this out to an Insane demon?

(There’s also an email about Auto Skills.  In addition to their three actives and three passives, human characters also get a slot for a single Auto Skill.  Auto Skills activate immediately at the start of every first-person combat round.  They’re pretty much all buffs.  For demons, the Auto slot is taken up by their racial passive, which means you can only crack Auto Skills from human enemies.)

: An unknown monster in Ikebukuro, 50 casualties… it has to be a demon, right?

: It could always be an unrelated Godzilla attack.

: Hey, Trielo.  How many days do we have left?

: But really it’s six.  Seven in the remake.

: If it still says that, then we’re not going to die if we get involved in Ikebukuro…

: Well, I mean, you’re wrong about the death clock, but we’re still not gonna die if we get involved on account of how awesome we are.

: We have to be careful.  We’ve already proven that the number can go up, and that means it can go down, too.

: Ugh, that’s right…

: We’re still totally gonna kick some ass, though.

: There’s still a lot we don’t know about demons.  We can’t get cocky fighting them.

: There may be a lot that you don’t know about fighting demons, but I, on the other hand, have played a video game before.

: Fighting demons isn’t a game!  If we lose…

: Hahaha, okay, I can’t say that with a straight face.

: Hey…  Are we really going to find a way out by tomorrow?  I’m sick of all this…

: Nope!  We’re just gonna have to stay alive the old-fashioned way: magic.

: So long as we’re prepared, we can take on any demons we want to.

: Atsuro!  Stop assuming that we have to fight!  Let’s focus on getting home, first!  If we can get outside the Yamanote circle, we’ll be safe and we won’t have to fight!

: You just keep telling yourself that.

: So… what are we going to do from here?  Walk around all over the place again?

: Higher than what?  You mean, above ground level?  Did those helicopters get you thinking?

: All I’m saying is, if we can’t just walk out, maybe we can get our parkour on and climb over the barricades.  Or we could build a whining-propelled jetpack and you can fly us over.

: …If we really could fly, we could hop over the lockdown barriers that way.

: Hm… hop over the lockdown…

: Oh, hey!  What about the highway?  We could get up on top of one of those big raised roads and go over the barrierrs!

: You’re not serious, are you?

: Maybe…!  The highway runs right past Shibuya Station.

: Dammit guys, I was joking!

: Talk about perfect timing!

: Timing?  What are you- oh to hell with it.

: Yeah!  It’s better than sitting here doing nothing!

Omotesando: Gin & Kaido (&); Omotesando

Shinjuku: Kannagi-cho


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