Devil Survivor #15: Recap In Your Ass

(Every day ends at 7 PM, and nighttime means lots of talking.)

: Right now, we should focus on finding a place to spend the night.  It’s probably not a good idea to fight in the dark.

: Demons still aren’t vampires.

: Yeah, but we can’t see, so let’s hurry and find shelter.  You guys have any friends in the Yamanote circle?

: And he’s not really a “friend” either.

: Same here.  All of my best friends live outside the area.  If I could just use my cell, I bet one of my friends could hook us up…

: I know what you mean.  If I could get online, I’d probably find us a place in no time.

: That has “bad idea” written all over it.

: Whatever, I’m not gonna argue the point.  We should probably stop worrying about things we can’t do.

: You mean like  not getting mauled by demons in our sleep?

: Ah, we’ll be fine.  We just have to camp out again.

: Lovely.

: Well…  I’m pretty tired of walking, so I don’t really care where we crash.  I just want to get away from the demons for a while and wipe off all this sweat…

: Ew.

: Let’s try the park.  There should be people and water there.

: What about food?  We only had bread for lunch…  If nothing comes in, does that mean we’ll go hungry?

: Don’t worry, I bet the writers will completely forget about the food thing after this scene.

: It’ll work out…?  I didn’t know you were the optimistic type, Trielo…

: Not really.  I just play too many video games.

: Anyway, let’s go over everything that happened today.

: Aw, c’mon, do-

: Yes.  And you better take notes.

: It’s an email and it tells the future and, uh… I think that’s about it.

: Yep.

: It looks like demons have been around for a while, and we didn’t even know it…

: Just like the reptillians.

: Yeah, just- wait, no.  Shut up.

: We’re fighting against the demons that appeared, right?

: No, Yuzu, don’t you understand?  They were already here.

: Maybe, but even so… the only way to beat them is to summon other demons… I dunno, I don’t like it.

: Look, I’m not really sure what -ism applies to demons, but you’re gonna have to get over your bigotry if you want to live.

: I guess…

: It fuses demons together to make a new demon, right…?  Sheez, that’s weird…

: “Sheez?”

: Actually, it really is kinda freaky when you think about it.  Like, if you two merged together and became me…

: Well, maybe, but- wait, what?

: Wh-what!?  Joined together!?  Leave us out of your nightmare fantasies, okay!?

: Seriously, what the hell?

: Calm down!  It’s just an example.

: Well, they inherit abilities, so it sounds like they have the previous demons’ minds…

: So you think I’d have both your memories and Trielo’s?

: I mean, I guess it’s some kind of weird- wait why the hell am I still thinking about this?

: And where does the ‘fusion as demon-sex’ metaphor fit in here?

: I hate you.

: We’ve already spent enough time talking about nothing.

: I guess we’ll have to get better with our COMPs… but how long will this go on?

: We’ve still got a while to go.  I mean, we just finished the tutorial.

: Why’d it take so damn long to get fusion and stuff, anyway?

: Naoya’s just easing us into the mechanics.

: You mean Atlus.

: Let’s call it both.

: Not cool!  There’s no reason for Naoya to drag us into this!

: Nah, he’s got his reasons.

: Oh yeah?  Like what?

: Probably something bad.

: I’m sure we’ll run into him eventually.  You can ask him then.

: You’re right…  Sorry.  Yeah, let’s do that.

: Maybe if I don’t say anything, they won’t make me-

: And we should take turns sleeping, right…?

: Dammit Yuzu.

: …I wanna go home…

the entire system to become unstable.

: Give him billions of dollars to build infrastructure, and he can’t even keep the mail up during the day?  That’s capitalism for ya.

As a precaution, I’ve restricted email usage during the day to the server’s automated functions and to the administrator, me.  Sorry, but you’ll only be able to use the COMP’s email at night.  Bear with me here.

You can only do so much by yourself.  Be sure to communicate.

: Yuzu would use stupid anime smiley faces.

get out really bugs me.  I’m okay with you guys during the day but at night I’m like OH NOEZ!

: I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that she thinks I’m gonna try to sleep with her or the fact that she said “OH NOEZ!”

If I could use my cel phone to call home i wouldn’t be so worried.

Maaaaaaaan… If only i could get a hot shower id feel a little refreshed.  I wish i knew someone who lived around here…

: If I could type more than a single sentence, I’d probably throw in “stop writing like a goddamn four year old.”

because he knew the world would be filled with demons?  Or is he the one to causing them to appear in the first place?  Insufficient data… I just can’t figure it out.

I stopped talking about it because we can’t get an answer, but I really wonder what Naoya’s goals are here.

The mail said the lockdown will stay for a while, but I doubt it’ll stay like this.  Things are getting worse by the minute.  What’s going to happen?

I really wish I had more information…

: Other than “something evil,” I mean.


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