Devil Survivor #13: Smells Like Danger

(Looks like there’s a damsel in distress.  Get used to it.)

(When we enter Bugeikan, the instrumental version of Reset is playing again.)

: What’s wrong, Trielo?  Is something going on over at Bugeikan?

: Huh?  What?

: I thought I heard something too.  Is that… singing?

: Do you guys even know what “instrumental” means?

: Hey…  That’s one of Haru’s songs!  Let’s go check it out!

: Aya…

: I could go for a beef bowl, too.

: Guess she’s doomed.  Oh well!

: It’s too dangerous!  Run!

: Yeah!  Come over here!

: What are you saying!?  That would be even more dangerous!

: It’s either towards us or not towards us, and she’s cut off both ways.

: Man, you guys are gettin’ way too worked up about this.

: See?  She’s taking it pretty well.

: Hey, stupid, stop mumbling to yourself and help us save her!

: Geeze, Yuzu.  When’d you grow a backbone?

: No, it’s all right…  I can protect myself…

(Haru starts pressing buttons.)

: …Hmm?  I guess it’s out of batteries…  Haha…

: Talk about an anticlimax.

: Uh-oh.  This could be bad, Aya…

: Why isn’t she running!?

: Low Ag?

: …To hell with it, let’s just kill the demons.

: Well, if you insist.

: Let’s go!

: Look, if  you’re gonna complain about fighting, at least be consistent with it.

(Expect to see “NPC defeated” in a lot of loss conditions from here on out.  This game has a lot of NPC defense/escort missions, and they can get pretty nasty if you don’t make sure to bring demons with movement-enhancing abilities.  They also tend to be one of the main complaints about the game.)

(I’ve been doing a lot of auctioning and fusing, so this is my party for the fight.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I fused away my Waira, which was kind of a mistake- Waira is a Wilder demon, so it has the extremely useful Devil Speed ability, which gives you a pretty big movement boost.  Not having one makes this a little harder, but it’s still doable.)

(Hairy Jack is a decent demon.  Because he’s got a high level, he’s one of my main damage dealers right now.  More importantly, he’s got Animal Leg, which is going to help me reach Haru before she dies.)

(Bilwis is another relatively high-level demon.  Between him, Hairy Jack, and Trielo, I can kill pretty much anything in one round.  His normal attacks do good damage, which is fortunate because  he’s only got enough MP for a single spell.)

(Kikimora is a pretty good caster and makes it easy for Atsuro to clean up anything that’s not directly between the start of the map and Haru.)

(These are the only two skills we can crack right now.  Anger Hit is our first physical skill.  It works a lot like the magic skills, but it uses HP instead of MP.  However, it kinda sucks- it’s a guaranteed crit, but it’s got a 50% miss chance.  Race-D is a passive that increases defense against members of the same race.  It’s also useless, since we’re not fighting humans.)

(The start tiles are all over here.)

(Haru is all the way over here.)

: Alright, let’s-

: Okay, fine, let’s talk some more.

: …!?

: Relinquish your powers to my master…

: My… powers…?

: I hope we get to have an epic battle over the power of rock.

: These demons are everywhere I go…  I just want to be left alone…

(I set Yuzu to crack Race-D from this guy, so I send her to deal with him.  However, I forgot that she has almost no offensive capabilities at the moment, since she has low strength, only healing spells, and fairly weak demons.  She wins, but it takes her pretty much the entire battle.)

(There used to be a demon here, but I zerged the group’s leader and took it out immediately.  Normally you want to kill the flankers first, but if you’re strong enough to take the leader out and need to get somewhere fast it’s best to just get it over with.)

(Killing it also gives us our first Skill Set Bonus.  The process is pretty simple: choose a demon, choose an active skill slot, and select any active skill you’ve cracked.  There are stat requirements to equip skills on human characters, but they don’t matter for demons.  This lets you get some pretty ridiculously powerful demons, but because of the restrictions and how unpredictable getting a bonus is you usually won’t be in a position to make good use of it.)

(Animal Leg means we can get over here on the same turn.  That Waira is the main threat to Haru, and I should be able to take it out next time I move.)

(Just kidding.)

: Haru, if you get your ass killed, I’ll reload the save and do it myself.

: Aaaahh!  Haru!

(Whenever a computer-controlled ally gets in a fight, this UI pops up and gives you a summary of HP lost and gained.  Haru can’t actually do any damage, but later allies can.)

: Huh?  I’m not… dead…

: Try to keep it that way.

: It looks like the Harmonizer affects everyone in its range, even if they’re not the owner of the COMP.

: I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make sense, but nothing else about this does so let’s just roll with it.

(Atsuro probably could have killed this Moh Shuvuu, but I had him leave it standing so I could use Animal Leg and get an extra space closer to Haru.)

(I was a little worried at this point- I’m not exactly sure how the game handles battles between NPCs, but I remember Haru dying in two hits on an earlier playthrough because the Waira got a crit.)

(Fortunately, she survives.)

: You guys…  You should leave me here and run away.

: There’s still Exp here!

: Um… thanks.  But don’t kill yourselves in the process, okay?

(If you let this guy get all the way to Haru, she’s probably already dead.)

(Atsuro cracks Anger Hit off of it.  Since he’s going to be our physical guy for most of the game, he’ll probably keep this for a little bit until some better skills show up.)

(Haru is finally free to run from the Waira.  If you’re too slow getting here, she’ll just get ganked by the Bilwis and Moh Shuvuu.)

(If you don’t kill it quick, it might run back and kill Haru, so I just wipe it out.)

(The Bilwis can’t reach Haru, so it just commits suicide-by-protagonist.)

(Yuzu managed to tickle that other guy to death at some point, so the battle’s over.)

: Haru, you’re okay!

: Yeah…  Thanks to you guys.  So you can summon demons, too?

: U-Um, yeah…  But that’s not as surprising as seeing you here!

: No, I’m pretty sure the demon thing is more surprising.

: You were surrounded by all those demons and never so much as screamed…

: Yuzu could learn a lot from you.

: I’d have been fine by myself if my sequencer hadn’t run out of batteries.

: I am a stand-in for the player and, much like the person I represent, could not put 2 and 2 together if I got hit by a golf ball.

: I summon my demons by singing in sync with the sequencer.

: Huh!?  You can summon demons too, Haru?

: Thank God for Yuzu.  If she wasn’t so slow on the uptake, who knows how many unnecessary explanations would be unemployed?

: Did Naoya make your sequencer, too?

: Naoya?  Who?  No, I borrowed this from someone over six months ago.

: Yeah.  Aya, the old band leader of D-Va, lent it to me…  The batteries are dead, so for now, it’s just a useless hunk of junk.  But I still like to have it close by…

: (No I don’t.)

: Haha!  Guess we’re on the same page, then.

: Here, let me take a look at it.

: Hm?  Uh, sure…?

: I thought we might be able to use the hand charger to juice it back up.

: Well, thanks anyway.  Were you worried about me…?  Don’t worry.  Even if it’s not working, this is still like a security blanket for me…

: The only song recorded on it was Linus and Lucy.

: Still, it’s not really the sequencer that summons demons, is it?  Can’t you just sing, or maybe find another sequencer and put-

: Haha!  Don’t overthink it.

: Uh… okay?

: Anyway, you first summoned a demon over sixth months ago, right?  Man, you’re way ahead of us!

: No, the first time it happened was about a month and a half back.

: Hey, that still beats us by like… a month and a half.

: You just started?  You’ve come a long way, then…  Amazing.  That reminds me.  Hey.  You there.

Haru motions for Bill to come over.

: Uh… what?

: Yeah, I thought so.  You’ve got this dangerous smell to you.

: Hey, you try spending two days out in the sun with no showers and let’s see if you come out smelling like roses.  Oh, that’s right, you didn’t.

: *chuckle*  But I kind of like that about you.

: Now you’re just messing with me.

Haru speaks in a low voice so the other two don’t hear…

: Well, thanks again.  I’m gonna get going, but I hope we run into each other again.

: …Why’d she lower her voice for that?

: I guess demons aren’t a science experiment gone horribly awry this time.

: Yeah… looks like.  The guys in Shomonkai seem to have been using demons from way back.

: I’m starting to hate the word “Shomonkai.”  I can barely spell it, let alone pronounce it.

: Wait, Trielo!  Did you check Haru’s death clock!?  It said 0 last time, right?

: Same as us again.  I’m starting to think somebody here used Destiny Bond.

: Woo-ha!  We really did it!  We saved Haru’s life!

: And if we saved Haru, we can save everyone!  This is great!

: Of course it is!  Right, Trielo?

: We can be like vigilantes or something.  It’s gonna be awesome.

: But where will we find trench coats at this time of day?

: You’ve got a point…  Come to think of it, I don’t think Japan ever invented the fedora, either.

: So much for that plan.

: There you go, overthinking things again!  Who cares about that right now?

: We saved Haru’s life!  That’s good enough for me!

: Even so…  I’m a little worried that she didn’t seem too thrilled about it.  I hope it’s just that cool, disaffected rock star attitude they all have…

: Hold on a moment while I turn on my cool, disaffected JRPG protagonist attitude.

: By the way, Trielo…  What did Haru say to you?

: …Like, I don’t even know.  Something about a dangerous smell?  It was weird, man.

: A dangerous smell?  You?  Ohh, reaaallllly now?

: Isn’t she, like, twenty-something?  That’s kinda creepy, dude.

Aoyama: Cemetery

Shinagawa: Gin ()

(Where to now?)

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