Devil Survivor #11: Kei’s Soup Can

(This is it, the last mandatory event for… uh… like maybe ten minutes of normal gameplay?  Yeah…)

: Looks like we can’t get out this way, either…

: The whole line’s been shut down.  This is part of the line.  Ergo, we can’t get out here.

: What?  Do you mean that the entire Yamanote line has been shut down?

: Yes, all of it.

: So you’re saying that maybe we should find something more productive to do?

: What?  No!  Perish the thought!  I simply couldn’t live without running around the entire goddamn city and listening to Yuzu bitch about nothing for hours.

: You guys are mean.

: Yeah, pretty much.

: Anyway, we should probably find a charger.

: Seriously?  There’s not a single open shop?

: Maybe Electric Town isn’t the place to be during a blackout.

: Wait a sec, is that… Keisuke!?

: We’re looking for something…

: Oh?  What’ve you got there…?

: It’s a hand crank.  How in the hell is it ‘high-capacity’?

: Out with it, Keisuke!  Where can we get one?

: …You’re looking for one that’s COMP-compatible, aren’t you…?

: Yeah!  We’re screwed if we can’t get these things charged.

: It’s true.  The last time he went more than five hours without playing a video game, he broke out in hives.

: I see… all right, I’ll take you there.  This way…

You follow Keisuke to a back-alley store where you obtain a charger…

: You really can find anything on the black market!

: Yeah, if you’re willing to wade through all of the creepy porn.

: That’s… what you needed, right?

: Now I will never again be faced with the monotony of not turning a handle.

: I’m glad I could help…

: Ah, don’t worry about him.  He’s always like that.  We really are grateful.

: You people really are amazing…  I’ve never seen anyone like you.

: About damn time someone noticed.

: Your death clock…  It used to say 0, but now it’s 2.  You changed your fate…

: This is my surprised face.

: Yes… I, too, have a COMP.  It’s likely the same modded version as yours…

: …!  The nerve of you, running away when you saw our death clocks!

: Shut up, Yuzu.

: No, it’s all right.  It’s true…  I ran away from you all…

: Who wouldn’t?

: By way of apology, I’ll tell you this.  Did you meet anyone on the way here…?

: Nobody with a name.

: As of now, no one within the Yamanote circle has more than six days to live.  At least no one that I’ve seen…

: Wait, what?

: No one who will live longer than six days…?  What’re you saying?

: …No, seriously, what?  You can’t just pull that outta nowhere.  Engine limitations be damned, the fact that every single person has a floating number over their head isn’t something you just overlook.

: I’m saying something is going to happen after those six days…

: Yeah, “everybody dies” is a pretty big something.

: It’s clear that some kind of catastrophe is going to occur.  Everyone in the lockdown… will die.

: Well, I guess that’s one way out.

: What if it’s just a bug in the death clock or something?

: I know it’s not.  Almost none of the SDF guards have any death clock readings at all.

: Are you serious?  Th-that’d mean…

: And, of course, that the government’s probably gonna kill us.  Then again, who ever heard of untrustworthy authority figures in a JRPG?

: This really sucks.

: Now do you understand?  I’m sorry…  I have to go.

Keisuke is about to leave…

: I don’t know…  I thought that since you three were able to change your own fate…  I thought you might be able to avert whatever catastrophe is coming in six days, too…

: Oh, so you do know.

: Even if we survive the next two days, we’ll all die if the coming disaster isn’t stopped.  And if we can’t… the only way to survive will be to get out of the Yamanote circle.

: He’s gone…

: You know, that guy’s kind of a downer.

: I feel kind of bad for making him say all of that…

: I feel kind of bad for not knowing about it sooner.

: I think that’s just how he is.  Something happened to change him, but he’s still looking out for the little guy.

: Yeah…  Although… I wonder if what he said was true…

: Can’t we just check ourselves?

: No can do.  Apparently plot-irrelevant people are invisible.

: But…  What could happen that would kill everyone inside the Yamanote circle?

: Let’s not worry about it for now.  I’m sure we’ll stumble across a solution completely by accident.

: Yeah…  If we do find a way out, let’s not keep it to ourselves, okay?

: Oh, what, you’re just going to leave thousands of people to die?  Or do you intend to let everyone know the way out?  You think the army’s not gonna notice that their lockdown is empty?

: No matter how you slice it, escaping is an extremely flimsy solution, not to mention selfish.

: You monster.


existed for many years for the purpose of fusing demons together in order to create new demons.  This program allows you to remotely access the Cathedral of Shadows network and fuse the demons currently registered in your COMP.  Use this to create more powerful demons.

[Rules about fusion.]

(Now we have access to the last option on the menu, Fusion.  It’s the same basic concept as in other SMT games; put two demons in, and out pops a new one.  Just like usual, the result is based on the race and base level of the demons used.  Demons pass on their skills after being fused, and fusion can get you demons not available in the Devil Auction and/or with skills they usually don’t know.  However, there are a couple of things that make fusion in this game different.  For the most part, they’re geared toward simplifying and streamlining the process; I’m a fan of it, but not everyone is.)

-There are only double fusions.

-There is no compendium.  Instead, you get the extremely useful Search function, which lets you find out all the possible fusions needed to make a certain demon.

-When you fuse a demon, you get to choose what 3 active and passive skills you want.  It makes getting absurdly powerful demons a lot easier, but at the same time it’s far preferable to spending half an hour rerolling to get the right skills.

(Also, the Cathedral has its own background music, “Demoniac Fusion.”  It’s a good track for a place called the Cathedral of Shadows, but it’s not one I’d really listen to.)

: So we stick demons together and get a new demon.  How does that even work?

: I’m just glad we didn’t have to watch a documentary on demon mating habits.

: I don’t get this!  Everything that seemed like common sense is falling apart!  I guess ordinary rules just don’t apply to demons…

: You probably should have stopped expecting common sense around the time mythological creatures jumped out of your DS.

: Seriously.  I mean, demons.

: Besides, we’d be dead now if it weren’t for them.  Show a little respect.

: Sure, but it’s the same demons that might kill us, right?  I’m not really sure how I feel about that!

: Uh, no?  The ones that want to kill us aren’t the ones helping us.

: Common sense may not apply anymore, but racism is still bad, Yuzu.

: Is Naoya just toying with us?

: I mean, dude’s kind of an asshole.

: Yeah, but I don’t think that’s quite it.  He probably cooked up this fusion function to help us fight.

: “You have to create strong demons, or you won’t be able to stay alive!”  …That’s what he means, right?

: RPG mechanics.  Gotta love ’em.

: *sigh* We’ll have to work on mastering our COMPs, huh…?

: So, um… yeah, we do.

: Yikes.  I don’t think I’m ready for that.  Let’s work even harder to find a way out!

: Talk about your one-track minds…

Ueno: Look at Yamanote line

Tokyo: Look at Yamanote line

Roppongi: Haru & ??? (&)

Shiba Park: ??? ()
Shinigawa: Look at Yamanote line

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