Devil Survivor #10: Wendigo? I Miss You So

(The game actually opens up for real after the next update, but we’ll still be seeing time slots with only one event from time to time.)

: No one’s here…  It’s usually really crowded.

: The city’s in lockdown and there are demons running around.  Why the hell are we going to an amusement park?

: I hope we get to run the coaster.

: Hey, Trielo, what’s your favorite ride?

: What…!?  It’s not scary for you?  I always get this feeling like I’m going to fall off…

: What does this conversation have to do with… um, anything, exactly?

: We’re just establishing the setting, man.  Like, for example, this place is called Korakuen, located in Bunkyo-ku.  It’s famous for the theme park and baseball field.

: Why does that strange, indecipherable string of Japanese syllables sound so familiar?

: Anyway, is it just me, or is it a little chilly in here?

: Yeah, now that you mention it.  Is it air conditioned?  Maybe it has its own generator…?

: Well, maybe, but- wait.  What time is it?

: I think it’s around 1-

: Oh.

: Well, that explains why I’m getting so hungry.

: That’s really not important right now.

: Atsuro?  What’s wrong?

: This is the place the email mentioned… and now is about the right time.

: Uh… what?

: Dammit, Yuzu, pay attention!  Remember what the Laplace Mail said?  Three people murdered by a snowman…

: Oh, no!  Three victims… and the death clock says 0 for us three…!

: The one place we know to avoid at all costs and we blunder into it completely by accident?  And how were we even supposed to know that Tokyo Dome was actually an unrelated set of indecipherable moonspeak?  I’m tellin’ ya, this is contrived as-

: Hey, look!

: I’ve found you!  You’re all mine now!

: Is that… the snowman thing from yesterday?

: Yeah, what gives?  I wanted to be killed by Jack Frost, dammit!

: What a gyp!

: It’s so hot here… but I’ll kill you all anyway!

: Y’know what?  To hell with that.  I’m not gettin’ done in by some second-rate Jack wannabe.  You don’t even look like a snowman!

: Yeah, you’re right!  We control our own destiny!  Death clock, my ass.

: Did you have to have an existential crisis right goddamn now?

: I ran away from things I could fail at, because I was afraid of looking bad if I did!

: But this time… if we fail, it’s over, isn’t it?  …I’ll do it!  I don’t want to die, so I won’t run away!  So, please, guys!  Stay alive!

: Yeah, that’s nice.  Can we start now?

(This is the first really challenging fight in the game.  It’s not too bad with a little bit of preparation, but I kind of botched that and made things harder than they needed to be.  I’ll explain in a little bit.)

(Here’s the big boss himself.  He’s level 17, a good 8-10 levels above anything on our party.  He’s also got some Moh Shuvuu backing him up.)

(There are a couple of enemies on the other side of the starting area.  They’re not too difficult, but it’s best to send someone over here to take care of them so they can’t gang up on you with Wendigo.)

(Lastly, there are two enemy groups way in the back.  Even though Wendigo has enough HP that they’ll reach you before you can kill him, they’re not terribly threatening.  The Pixie will heal him, but it’s fairly easy to block it off and kill it before it hurts you too much.)

(Now let’s talk about Skill Crack.  This is the only way to get new skills for your human characters or to use with a Skill Set Bonus.  First, you choose a character.)

(Next, you get a screen showing all the skills owned by enemies on the field that you don’t already have.  These are all good to have- Ice Dance is basically a bunch of Bufus on random enemies, Anti-Ice gives you resistance to ice attacks, and Hero Aid increases crit rate.  However, we can’t get both Ice Dance and Anti-Ice quite yet.)

(After choosing a skill, you have to select an enemy to crack it from.  Once the battle starts, the enemy you choose here must be killed by the team cracking the skill in order to learn it.  If a different team kills the enemy, or if you kill the leader of its team instead of the enemy itself, you won’t get the skill.  This is why we can’t get both Ice Dance and Anti-Ice.  Both of those only appear on Wendigo, and you can’t kill him twice.)

(This is just to show that you have to kill a specific enemy.  This group is a team of three Wairas, and they all know Hero Aid; however, you can only crack the skill from one of them.  You can set multiple teams to crack the same skill, and you can have multiple cracks on the same enemy.  There are a couple of times when you really want to take advantage of this, but for now it’s largely redundant.)

(Here’s our full set of cracks.  I probably should have gone for Anti-Ice instead of Ice Dance (Ice Dance’s high MP cost makes it impractical, and by the time you can use it more than once or twice before running out of juice you probably have better ice spells).  It’s not a big deal, though.)

(Here’s our team for this fight.  This is where preparation becomes really important.  You see, the damage calculations for this game are highly based on levels.  However, for demons, the damage isn’t based on their current level; it’s based on their starting level.  At first, it seems like a good idea to load your main Wendigo fighting character with Kabusos, since they’ve got good magic and know Agi.  However, this is a good way to get yourself killed, as they’ll probably be wiped out in a single Ice Dance, leaving you wide open.  Instead, you want to put all of your highest base level demons on one character and let them handle the snowman.)

(I forgot to get screens of the characters beforehand, so the stats/levels are off and Atsuro knows Hero Aid.  That’s not important, though; the point is just to show that I picked up Zan, Bufu, and Amrita in a Free Battle before coming here.  The important one is Zan- Bufu and Amrita are pretty much useless in this fight, but Wendigo’s flankers are weak to Force.  Agi/Zan gives us good coverage.)

(Positions are easy for this one.  I’m having Trielo fight Wendigo with Yuzu for healing.  Meanwhile, Atsuro will take care of the enemies off to the right.)

(This seems like a good time for some battle music.  Battle Beat plays when you go into a first-person combat round.  Much like the map background music, it’s a little weird but it grows on you.)

(Things didn’t go so well for me.  For one thing, my main damage dealer got frozen on the first turn.  Freezing isn’t that big a deal- it only lasts until the end of the combat round- but I have to spend more time dealing with the Moh Shuvuus because of it.)

(Atsuro cracks Hero Aid, but his Pixie dies so I have to bring in another demon from the stock.)

(This kind of sucks, because it means I can only heal one person per turn.  I don’t bother tagging anybody in here; my only other available demon is a damage dealer, which Yuzu doesn’t really need.)

(Things turn out pretty well for Atsuro, even though he lost a demon.)

(Remember when I said I kind of made this harder than it had to be?  This is what I meant.  Normally, when I do that Free Battle before coming here, I end up with a level 9 main character and a new level 9 demon to recruit.  Since it’s a higher level, that demon is much better at both taking and dealing damage to Wendigo.  However, this time, I didn’t get the level-up or the demon.  The result is that my team as a whole is fairly squishy and chips away at him even more slowly.)

(Before too long, the cavalry shows up.  I move Yuzu over here to make sure that the Pixie can’t get next to Wendigo and use Dia.)

(It can still use Charm, but that heals a little bit less than one Agi’s worth of damage, so it’s not a catastrophe.)

(Atsuro is now free to move in and fight the boss.  Because Ice Dance costs so much MP, Wendigo actually becomes much weaker after the first couple of turns.  He’s only able to kill one of the Kabusos, and Atsuro’s party does a fair deal of damage.  I need to be careful, though, because I won’t get any skills if they kill him.)

: Alright, we can do this!  Let’s drop these guys!

(At this point, Wendigo starts running away from us.  There’s no way for him to escape the map, though.)

(Yuzu’s keeping the Pixie busy.  If it’s healing its own party, it can’t heal the boss.)

(I cut things a bit closer than usual, but the outcome was never really in doubt.)

(When you kill him, Wendigo turns into an ice sculpture and shatters.)

: Why would a dead snowman turn into ice?  Shouldn’t he melt or something?

: Who cares?  We survived!

: So this game has devils and surviving?  That title really is a hell of a spoiler.

: There’re still demons to take care of!  I’ve gotta focus!

: Are you sure you’re Yuzu?

: No, really.  You’re all alone and you’ve got 12 HP left.  I think you might be dead already.

: …

: I’ve got no reason to put my life on the line here!

: Yeah, that was probably a good move.

(If you choose “Bring it on, weaklings!” the Pixie stays.  That Kobold sticks around no matter what, but it dies pretty fast.)

: Yeah, we kicked that snowman’s tail!  We’ll be okay now, right…?

: We were supposed to die, and we didn’t.  Let’s just be happy with that for now.

: Quick, Trielo!  What does the death clock say now?

: Well, it’s 2.  I don’t- like, okay, I get that we have 2 days, but… uh, what was the joke supposed to be there?

: Y’know, I’m not really sure.

: Well, 2 days is better than 0.  Let’s use those two days to find a way out of the Yamanote Circle!  (Or maybe not.)

: At least, there would be, if it weren’t for the fact that we ain’t leavin’.

: Well, yeah.

: Don’t be like that!  If we can change our fate, I’m sure we can find a way out!

: I wonder what it’s like inside Yuzu’s head.  Probably not pretty.

: Oh, one thing, though…  I forgot to tell you guys!

: Wh-what…!?  Quit scaring me like that!

: Sorry, but I only realized it a moment ago.  We’ve got a problem…

: Oh, what now?

: We’re forgetting something important.  We need these COMPs to fight, right?

: Huh?  Uh, yeah…?

: The COMPs run on rechargeable batteries.  But there’s a blackout right now…

: Huh.  I figured the battery icon was just some useless UI fluff.  Neat.

: Yeah.  We’re bound to run out of juice any time now.

: What’re we gonna do!?  Hey, Trielo!

: C’mon, use your head.  Round peg, round hole.

: Let’s try looking in Akihabara.

: I’m never going to remember what these places are called.

(That was pretty long, huh?  I think this is a good place to stop.  Next time we’ll finally have choices!)

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