Devil Survivor #8: I Can’t Haru

(To hell with the Yamanote line.)

(After entering Roppongi, we hear an instrumental version of the game’s theme song, “Reset.”)

: Huh?  Hey, I know that song…!

: Stop that.  You’re not allowed to break the fourth wall.

: Here’s hoping my songs get you all out of those Blackout Blues!

: Omigosh, it’s Haru!

: It’s amazing how she can sing, talk, play guitar, and drum all at the same time.

: Nah, it’s just amazing how she can be a singer while playing an instrumental.

: Awesome!  This is just what I needed to cheer me up!

: Looks like I’ve got a fan in the crowd!  I’m about warmed up now so- so here’s one for you!

: She’s no Margaret Moonlight.

Yuzu continues to cheer until the street performance ends…

: Of all the places to see a show from Haru…!  That was so cool!

: She’s not bad, but is she actually, y’know… relevant?

: She’s got a unique sprite and a name.

: Culturally, I mean.

: Yeah!  Uh, in the indie scene.  She’s the same Haru I told you about earlier.

: Glad you clarified.  There’s been an outbreak of indie singer-songwriters named Haru.

: Can’t go down to the 7-11 for a Coke without bumpin’ into half a dozen of ’em.

: She used to be in a band called D-Va, but now she’s gone solo.

: Yeah?  Why’s that?

: I don’t really know much about when she was in the band…  I just heard that they split up when Aya, one of their members, quit to study music.

: So her name’s Haru, huh?  I’ll have to remember that.  I think you can count me as a fan, too!

: Whaaaaaat!?  No way!  You just have to open your ears, Trielo!  Give her stuff a chance, okay?

: It has less to do with Haru and more to do with you.

: Being mean to Yuzu aside, we’ve probably wasted enough time here.  We should get going.

: Yeah.  We should be focused on surviving.

: Actually, now that you mention it…

: Hm?  What’s the matter, Trielo?

: I would’ve said something sooner, but at this point I’ve tuned out the damn thing.

: That’s what the death clock readout on Haru was…!?  We have to tell her!

: Cool it.

: What now!?

: Stop and think for a second.

: You do know you’re talking to Yuzu, right?

: You can’t just go around telling people that the magical floating numbers your friend sees say they’re gonna die today.  They’d think your crazy.

: Ugh… You’re probably right.

: Besides, we’re at 0 too, remember?

: Gotta look out for number one.

: All I’m saying is we can’t save anyone if we’re dead.

: Yeah… good call.  There’s no use worrying about that until we have a solution to this whole mess.

: You’re a lot more reasonable when it comes to not doing things.

(This is probably what being a train conductor feels like.)

: I wish the demons would show up just to remind you that we have bigger problems.

: Is Atsuro still not back yet?

: Wait, he left?  When?

: Was there ever any doubt?

: It’s just like they said.  Everything inside the Yamanote line is locked down.

: By which I mean we’re most definitely trapped.

: Yeah, sounds about right.

: Don’t be silly, this isn’t Persona 4.

: See?  That’s clearly not a Yosuke.

: I thought I recognized you, Keisuke!  Long time no see!

: …Wait, how do you two know each other?

: Keisuke helped me out big time in middle school.  I wouldn’t be here without this guy!

: I-I wouldn’t go that far…

: Your friend’s kind of… mopey.

: Atsuro…!  No, all of you!  Your number…!

: Wait, what’d-

: N-Never mind!  I have to get going!

: Huh.  Well, that was weird.  What’s up with him?

: Although I could probably come up with something more insulting than “flaky” if I really tried.

: I’m sure you could.  It’s strange, though- he wasn’t like this before.

: He always used to stand up for the weaker kids, so they really depended on him.

: I see where this is going.

: Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.  Point is, he saved my ass a couple of times.

: Weird… he seemed pretty shy himself just now.

: Yeah, I have no idea.  I lost all contact with him after we got into high school.  By the way, Trielo…  Did you remember to check his death clock readout?

: We should probably have this conversation before they leave, or else I’m gonna start forgetting.

: To be fair, all we ever learn is “they’re gonna die soon, but probably not before us.”

(Hope you like cliffhangers!)

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