Devil Suvivor #7: Gin and Tonic

: Are you gonna whine about wanting to hang out with the cool kids again?

: I could never have imagined something like this when I came out here yesterday.

: Hey, look…!

: Yes, I’m Yuzu Tanikawa.  I’m surprised you remembered me, Gin!

: Hell, at this point I’m surprised I remember you.

: Heh.  A man in my line of work has to have a good memory for names and faces.

: Ahaha!  Sounds like a tough job.  Oh, um…

: I’m too lazy to go rewatch the opening.

: Oh, there’s this indie singer I really like named Haru.  Gin’s kind of Haru’s guardian.  I met him at a show, and we’ve spoken a couple times since.

: Gin’s always watching out for people, so everyone tends to consider him a big brother.

: You flatter me, Yuzu.  So are these two your friends?  We haven’t met, right?

: Oh, sorry!  Feel free to introduce yourselves, guys.

: Oh, good.  I was waiting on your permission.

: My name’s Atsuro Kihara.  I’m basically not in this scene.

: Wha…?

: Cut that out!  What’re you saying,  Trielo!?  That’s not…!

: Hahaha.

: U-uh, Gin, this is Bill Eever.  Arrrgh…!

: Heh.  Don’t worry, I get it.  Take it easy, Yuzu.

: The words “take it easy” and “Yuzu” don’t belong in the same sentence.

: The name’s Eiji, but everyone calls me Gin.  I run a bar over that way.

: I’m in a real fix.  Everything from the ice to the fruits in the fridge are wiped out.

: Well, no sense crying over spoiled milk.  Just gotta wait for the power to come back.  You been here long?  Bet you’ve been out since the blackout…  Heh.  What a sorry situation.  Hurry home and let your folks know you’re safe, okay?

: I have folks?

: Uh, about that…

Yuzu explains to Gin what you saw at Shibuya Station.

: What?  The station’s locked down and no one’s getting through?  Are you pulling my leg…?  Hm… the bar TV’s busted and my cell’s dead, too.  Looks like we’re all in the dark…

: Only once the sun goes down.

: Man… what’s going on?

: Your cell doesn’t work either!?  That’s been a huge problem for us, too!

: Correction: That’s been a huge problem for you.

: Well… sitting around here won’t get us home, so we’re looking for a way out.

: Sounds like a big deal.  But if the government’s on the job, this should blow over soon.

: I hope you’re right…

: Just you watch.  It’ll be over by nightfall.

: You’d think a bartender’d be a little less naive.

: I’m going to catch some Zs at the bar…  If you need help with anything, just give me a holler.

: Okay!  Thanks a lot, Gin!

: It said 6.

: 6!?  Why!?  I-Is Gin going to die in six days…!?

: That is what that would mean, yes.

: But this is… this is insane!

: I’m sensing a pattern here.  Damn… I was hoping we’d find someone without a high number, but…

: I get it…  People without a number are likely to live for a while.  They might help us.

: ‘Cause I’d guess the opposite.

: And what’s with the quick response?  Normally we’d have to explain that twice.

Shinjuku: Look at Yamanote Line

(Another easy choice, but I figured I’d leave it to a vote anyway.)

(Oh, and one last quick thing about the Devil Auction:)

(After winning an auction, you get the option of paying or defaulting.  If you default, the demon tells you to piss off and your ranking drops.  The only time you’d want to do it is if you don’t have enough Macca, and since it’s an auction there’s no reason to bid higher than you can pay.)

Met Yuzu, who is one of Haru’s fans, at a concert.


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