Devil Survivor #6: Botherin’ the Mob

(Let’s talk to this angry-looking man.  I’m sure he is kindly and will give us free candy.)

: When the hell’re you gonna let us out!?

: We’ll lift the lockdown once we can confirm the area is safe.  Please wait until then.

: Yeah, yeah, you said that already!  I’m asking when that’s gonna happen!

: No matter how often you ask, the answer is the same.  Now go back to the safe zone!

: What!?  You wanna say that again!?

: Fight!  Fight!  Fi-

: Aw…

: Huh!?  Who the hell said-

: ……!  K-Kaido…!  I-I’m sorry, man!

: …Hmph.

: You know him, Atsuro…?  Ugh… more “daemons”…

: That’s the absolute last thing I want to hear about now…

: Ignoring them isn’t gonna make them go away.

: Thick as ever, eh, Yuzu?  They’re not demons, they’re daemons.  It’s like a kind of guardian spirit.

: At least until a crazy dead guy starts to kill people with ’em.

: The Shibuya Daemons are one of the more charismatic punk gangs.  Kaido’s their leader.

: Look at you, all plugged into the local culture.

: What can I say?  They’re pretty famous around Shibuya.

: Hey, good idea!  You’re really on the ball, Trielo!

: …About what?

: We should see if he knows a way out!

: Well, Kaido is known for treating his people well…

: I don’t think we qualify as “his people.”

: Yeah, but if he tells us there aren’t any exits, Yuzu might finally shut up.

(You can’t tell it in screenshots, but the 0s in our party’s death clocks fade in and out, while Kaido’s 6 is solid.)

: Okay seriously if you’re not giving me a choice it doesn’t have to be a menu.

: Cool.  I’m Kaido.  You guys need somethin’?

: When there’s a chance you might piss off a gang leader, let someone else do it!  That’s just my style!

: Wh- c’mon!  Why me!?

: Yuzu’d probably screw up and get all of our asses kicked.

: Look, you’re the ones who stopped me.  Quit freakin’ out over every little thing.  It gets on my nerves…

: Okay, okay!  Uh… we had something we wanted to ask you…

: Yeah?  It better be simple.

: Yeah, uh, sure.  We just wanted to see if you knew a way out of the lockdown.

: If I did, I’da used it already.  We’re havin’ trouble gettin’ through the central ward.

: That’s about what we figured.

: Everyone’s in the same boat here.  If that’s all, I’m gonna get going.

: He seems like a shady, underworld type.

: Huh?  Naoya?  Who’s he?

: My cousin.  We can’t find him, and he’s keeping important plot details from us.

: Well… things are pretty bad around here, so I’ll help you look.  Got a photo or anything?

: And here I thought photos on your contact list were just a useless gimmick.

: Cool, got it.  Alright, once the cells come back on, I’ll spread it around my crew.  Be seein’ ya.

Exit Kaido.

: By the way, did you catch his death clock?

: Oh, right.  I keep forgetting you guys can’t see it.

: Kind of arbitrary if you ask me.

: Six days!?  I-it was that short?  That means he has less than a week, right…!?

: To be honest, that’s pretty low on the list of things I’m worried about at the moment.

: We’re supposed to die today, remember?

: Y-yeah, but…

: If we can change our future, we can change his.

: But the first one’s a little more important.

: …You’re right.  Let’s go, Trielo!

: I’m sure this’ll be fascinatin’.

From: Naoya
Subject: New Function

How are you doing, Bill?  I’ve written a new application for your COMP, so I’m sending it to you.

Once you read this email, the option for the Devil Auction should be available in the COMP menu.

You know about Macca, the currency of the Netherworld, right?

: Wait, I thought that was HL.

You get it when you defeat demons.  You need Macca to bid in the auctions.  Money makes the Netherworld go ’round, too.

Please keep surviving.  I look forward to seeing you again.

From: DA Registrar
Subject: Welcome!

Welcome to the Devil Auction!

We are a member-based auction site that helps you with the bothersome task of forming contracts with demons to use on your behalf.

Demons will make themselves available as merchandise to be bid upon by Devil Auction members.  The winner will be able to make a contract with the demon, and will have a powerful new ally.

Please spend your wages of sin at the Devil Auction!

: What, Naoya couldn’t be bothered to make a spam filter for this thing?

: Yuzu, when things go back to normal, I’mma teach your ass how to read.

: You know what this means, right?

: What?

: The demon thing ain’t new.  People have been summoning ’em for a while now.

: I hate being behind the curb.

: H-How can you be so sure?

: An auction needs buyers and sellers.  It takes time to build up a reputation and get enough people involved.  There’s no way this sprang up just yesterday.

: Uh-huh… I get it.

: Still, it’s kind of a shock.  We were living here but we knew nothing at all…

: That just may be the least shocking thing we’ve learned.

: Exactly.

: Well, I don’t get it!  I don’t get anything!

: And that’s your character in a nutshell.

: The Auction’s an opportunity to get more powerful demons.  If we’ve got strong enough allies, we can kick the crap out of whatever’s supposed to kill us.

: Actually, I meant it was an opportunity for Yuzu to bitch.

: So you’re saying that we have to get demons so we can fight even more demons?

: I’ve had enough of this!  Why do we have to fight!?

: Goddammit do you ever stop whining?

: Urgh… that’s true, but…  Let’s try to avoid as much of this bad stuff as we can, huh?

: Oh, yeah, great idea.  Let’s just leave the demons alone!  Sure, we may let hundreds of people to die, but who cares?  Yuzu doesn’t wanna get her hands dirty.

: Look, we’ve got no choice here.  We have to use the auction and become as strong as we can, or else we’re dead.

(Alright, so.  Devil Auction.)

Welcome to the Devil Auction!

(This is how we get new demons, whether for fighting or for fusion fodder (spoilers: this game has fusion).  It’s got its own background music: “Cool Jam.”)

(First off, you get a list of demons:)

(Right now, there are only 3 demons in the auction.  As the game goes on and we encounter different enemies, we’ll be able to buy more.  The stars next to the demon indicate its quality- 3 stars is a ‘stock’ demon, with its base stats and skills.  Demons with fewer stars are cheaper, but have lower stats, and ones with a higher rank are more expensive but have have higher stats and may already be able to use skills acquired through leveling.  The price under the demon’s rank is its starting bid.  The bar at the bottom shows our current Macca, the number of demons we have in our stock, and our rating.  As far as I know, rating only decides when we have access to higher tiers (although even if we buy a ton of demons and get our rating really high we won’t be able to buy stronger ones before the game wants us to).  So long as you’re regularly updating your demons, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.)

(I’m buyin’ this Ogre.  Under the rank and level, we see the starting bid, the increments you can raise the bid in, and the Buy It Now price.  I almost always use Buy It Now, since it’s usually ends up only a little bit more expensive than actually bidding and there’s no risk of someone else winning instead (although it’s entirely possible that I just suck at auctions).  Speaking of which, the competition are references to other SMT games.  For example, these are all characters from Soul Hackers.)

Ogre was contracted.

Your rating went up by 1.

(I’m pretty sure the rating increase is based on how much you spend.  Anyway, Ogre’s actually a pretty crappy demon:)

(No commands other than Attack, and absolutely terrible weaknesses.  However, at this point in the game, it’s the hardest hitter available to us, so there ya go.)

(Even though I usually don’t use it, I might as well show off actually bidding.)

(Pressing A lets you raise the bid.  Auctions last five seconds, but the time freezes for a bit whenever somebody makes a bid, and it doesn’t count down while you’re setting your price.  You can drop out  at any time.)

(At the end of five seconds, anybody still in the auction goes into Final Bid.  You get one last chance to put in your offer, and the person with the highest one wins.  Ideally you want to try and come up with a number that’s just barely higher than anyone else’s.)

(I’m not very good at it.  And, yeah, I’m pretty sure Final Bid makes the first five seconds pointless.)

(After this I went and did a Free Battle for some extra cash and bought that other Pixie.)

(Once a demon is won, by you or by someone else, it’s gone for good.  I’m pretty sure the list refills itself every half an hour (one event).)

(Anyway, our options now are the same as before, but without Kaido.  Atsuro had the second most votes, so here we go.)

: My parents are engineers.  They work in Silicon Valley.

: So while the other kids’ dads were taking them fishing, yours took you on trips to the wonderful world of Counter-Strike?

: Nope.  They spend most of their time overseas.  They always ask if I want to come, but my English is too bad so I stay here.

: Wait, what?

: I don’t know either.  Anyway, all the other kids were in cram school and my parents weren’t around, so I basically grew up on the internet.  Thanks to the magic of anonymity, even a grade schooler could be on the same level as everyone else.  Most of the people I knew were adults.

: So basically you had the worst childhood ever.

: Hey, it was better than the cram school kids’.

(Only one option.)

: Huh!?  We can’t go through here, either!?

: Gee, it’s almost like when they said they closed off the entire line, they actually closed off the entire line!

The SDF members don’t have death clocks.  It seems they’ll live longer than ten days…

: If only our cell phones worked.  I could call my mom and tell her I can’t come home…

: I’m pretty sure she knows they’ve locked us in.  It’s not exactly hard to miss.

: Then again, she is related to Yuzu…

: Oh!  That reminds me!  The COMP’s email works, right?  Can’t we contact the outside?

: Well, we might as well try.

: …Or not.

: What’s wrong?

: It says “Cannot connect to the specified server.”

: It’s not connecting?  …What’s that mean?

: Quick, what’s a synonym for “connecting” that’s less than 10 letters?

: Alright, alright, I get it.  It didn’t work.  Let’s go check someplace else…

Shinjuku: Look at Yamanote line

(New options!  Something tells me I know where we’re going next.  Oh, and here’s some words about Kaido:)

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