Devil Survivor #5: And on the First Day…

(For music today, we’ve got “Disquiet,” which gets used in a lot of cutscenes.  I’m fond of the discordant acoustic guitar.)

: I’m proud to say I slept right through guard duty.

: Then we’re lucky that Amane’s barrier worked.  Some demons passed by, but they didn’t notice us.

: Yeah… I saw ’em too.  But now that the sun’s up, we can get out of here, right!?

: They’re demons, not vampires.

: Ugh…  Why do you have to go and say stuff like that, you idiot!?

: ‘Cause I’m a dick.

: Anyway, let’s just hope that we can find someplace better to sleep in the future.  The sun’s out now, but so’s the power.

: Yeah, I still don’t have any cell phone reception…  So… none of that was a dream…


: G-guess we should read it…

From: Naoya
Subject: Death Clock

Bill, you’re still alive, aren’t you?  I’ll explain the function of the Death Clock to you.

The Death Clock displays the number of days a person has left to live.
The details are:
– The Death Clock is only available to the party leader.
-A single digit (0-9) is displayed.
-If a person has 10 or more days left before death, nothing is displayed.

Finally, the Death Clock is just a value calculated by the Laplace system.  A person’s actions can cause the value to change, so be careful.

: Oh, that’s pleasant.  “Are you still with us, cousin?  Not for much longer, I think!”

From: The Observer
Subject: Laplace Mail

Good morning.
Here is today’s NEWS.

1. Power outages will continue in all parts of Tokyo within the Yamanote loop through the day.  It is unknown when power will be restored.

2. Poisonous gas is suspected to have escaped from underground pockets.  Train service is cancelled across all lines.  All exits from within the Yamanote loop will be closed.

3. At 13:00 in Chiyoda-ku Bunkyo, a localized blizzard will occur.  Three victims will be murdered by a snowman.

HaVE a nICE daY.

: Yeah, I would get myself killed by Jack Frost.

: Well, to be accurate, I can.

: Hey, Trielo…  Didn’t you say before that you could see a number over our heads…?

: There it is.  Right there.

: Well…?  What was it?  Hey!  How many days do I have!?

: …Zero.

: What!?

Yesterday, you said it was 1, which means… our number right now… it’s 0, isn’t it?

: …Good morning, by the way.

: You know there’s nothing I love more than waking up to impending doom.

: That’s it, I’ve had enough!  This stupid conversation is over!

: Ignoring the problem’s not gonna make it go away.

: C’mon, let’s go.  This is all some big hoax…  Let’s hurry back home!

: Just because we’ve summoned demons doesn’t mean we’ve mastered other ancient, arcane arts like ‘walking long distances.’

: …!  Wh-what do you mean?

: Didn’t you read the other email?  The trains are shut down.

: B-but…!  How can we know for sure unless we go?  The email might be wrong about that!

: Maybe then you’ll stop whining about it.

: The email’s not gonna be wrong unless we make it wrong.  If this’ll help you realize that, I say we should go.

: God, please let Shibuya Station be open…!

: Hey, you guys!  Look…!

: Yuzu, I swear to god, if your next sentence includes the phrase “cutest outfit-”

: …Oh.

: What the hell happened here?

: What a mess…  Did all this happen just because we had a blackout one night…?

: Three words: drinking and driving.

: Huh?  What do you mean?

: Think about it.  Why would a blackout affect headlights?  They’re not connected to the power grid.

: Then… it really is because demons are in Tokyo…?

: Maybe it was just a spontaneous demolition derby.

: Let’s hurry… we’re almost to Shibuya.

You can see Self-Defense Force vehicles and a barricade past the crowd…

: All lines, including private rails, are affected.  Remain calm until the problem is solved!  Police blockades are in effect throughout the Yamanote line, including overpasses.

: Hey, what’s going on here!?  I demand a full explanation for this!

: The cause is currently under investigation.  Until then, please obey our instructions!  To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask for your understanding and cooperation!  We’re also looking into the explosion that occured in Aoyama Cemetery last night.  If you have any information, please inform a disaster relief worker immediately!

The angry mob slowly quiets down upon hearing the SDF officer’s repeated message…  Eventually, the gathered crowd begins to disperse, as if they are giving up…

: People are buyin’ into this?

: Was that stuff about the gas leak true?  You think this is because of the demons, too…?

: We can’t jump to any conclusions.  All we can say for sure is that they’re lying- as far as cover-ups go, this one’s pretty damn obvious.

: Huh?

: What, you think they managed to close off the entire line overnight?

: And what kind of flimsy cover story is “poison gas leak?”  They didn’t even bother coming up with a kind of poison.

: W-wait, you mean…

: Yep.  There’s no way in hell they’re telling the truth.

: We don’t have the whole story.  Not even close.  But it’s safe to say that there’s more to it than just demons.

: …Damn!  Everything the email said is coming true.  At this rate, we’re gonna…!

: The future’s not set in stone.  If we wanna live, we’re just gonna have to change it.

: You mean change how long we have on the death clock…?  Good idea, Trielo!

: But of course.

: Naoya’s email said the number changes based on what we do!  So let’s do something about all this!  That Laplace Mail stuff about not escaping the Yamanote area and us going to die today…  Let’s prove it wrong!

: Heheh… good answer.  Glad to see we can finally agree on something.

: It’s about time you took action instead of bitching until we make you do it anyway.

: If I’m reading Naoya’s email right, the Laplace mail and the death clocks run by the same process.

: Data goes in, predictions go out.

: Pretty much, yeah.  The thing is, whatever algorithm it’s running on would have to be pretty complicated.  It’s got a lot of moving parts, so to speak.

: H-hey, slow down, whiz kid.  You’re getting ahead of us non-eggheads.

: Keep up, Yuzu.  You’re falling behind us non-idiots.

: Look, this is important, so just pay attention.  When you’re dealing with calculations as complex as what the Laplace system would have to use, everything becomes really delicate.

: Mess up some of the data, and the whole thing goes up in smoke.

: …!  Does that mean… we don’t have to die today?

: So we have a chance!

: That’s the long and short of it.   If we make sure we stay alive, the prediction becomes wrong and the death clock changes.

: …Wait.  Our plan to avoid dying… is not dying?

: …Maybe this isn’t gonna be as easy as we thought.

: …Uh… is this really possible?

: You already agreed.  Don’t back out on us now.

: Huh?  But… I didn’t know all that stuff you were talking about…!

: Hey, it’s either change the clock or roll over and die, and I know which option I like better.

: …You’re right!  C’mon, let’s go!  Even if the area inside the Yamanote line is locked down, there must be a secret exit!

: …Well, maybe.  If there is one, though, it’s probably guarded- and that’s a problem.  We’ve got to steer clear of the police and the Self-Defense Force.

: Huh?  Why…?

: The fuzz is notorious for their love of video games.

: If they have any reason to get suspicious and interrogate us, they’ll take away our COMPs.  It’s best to just avoid them.

: Oh yeah…  Okay, then.  We’ll be extra careful.

(Alright, decision time.  Here are your options:)

Ebisu: Look at Yamanote Line

(Now that we’re on day 1, the game finally starts to open up.  Free battles are optional encounters you can use for grinding.  They just give you a bunch of enemies to kill for money (that we can’t use yet) and experience (that we don’t need yet).  They’re always simple brawls with demons you’ve fought before, so there’s no point showing them off.)

(Oh, and since this was a bit shorter than the last few, here’re the character profiles from the menu:)

through online programming forums before meeting Bill.

Striving to become a programmer.  Calls himself “Naoya’s #1 apprentice.”

Still friends with Bill now that they’re in high school together.

Atsuro likes to call her “Yoohoo.”

until a few years ago.  Like a brother to Bill.

A genius programmer who lives alone in an apartment in Aoyama.

The COMP you received from him has numerous mysterious functions.

Why did he give them to you…?

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