Devil Survivor 2: Choices that Aren’t Choices

Well, the Internet has spoken. Now seems like a good time for some music: “Action,” the map screen theme.

A lot of people weren’t too fond of the music in this game, but I like it, personally. In particular, there’s a nice blues-y guitar solo in this track that I’m really fond of.

As usual, Japan’s largest shopping district is bustling.

: Karaoke? Thank God for these ridiculous headphones.

: Atsuro might call us, so we should go somewhere with cellphone reception…

: You do realize we’re in Tokyo, right? We’d have to walk a hundred miles just to find someplace with 2 bars.

: Oh, the cultists have shown up. Now we’re really in Tokyo.

A man who appears to be the leader is making a speech from a podium…

: Why is there a podium in the middle of the street?

: Oh, man… what’s with that bunch of weirdos?

: Now, now, Yuzu. It’s not nice to judge people.

: Now, along with our Shomonokai, let us bring the world together.

: …What a bunch of weirdos.

: With the power of the internet, the world will be as one once more…

: United by our love of free porn.

: The “power of the internet,” huh? Gimme a break… are you interested in this, Trielo?

: The only downside is I’m gonna have to agree with the Law asshats later if I wanna stay Neutral.

: Yeah, I wouldn’t think so. Their clothes are weird, too.

: I see you’re as thoughtful as ever.

: Well, even I think it’s great how the Internet lets you connect with the world.

: I can already tell this is foreshadowing 30 hours of “Just in case you forgot, the internet connects people.”

: But all this stuff about gods and bringing the world together… I don’t know. Ugh! Why are we even talking about this? Let’s go somewhere else, Trielo!

: What, no karaoke? Looks like cultists are good for something after all.

: Tonight and for the next three days, fellow members who believe in the power of the internet will gather in Tokyo.

: It’s time for TGS already?

: All are welcome to take part. Believe in His Majesty and prepare for the ordeal. That is when we shall…

The speech continues…

(Only one place to go.)

: You wouldn’t know maturity if it slapped you upside the head with brown textures and bloom.

: I used to go to Harajuku all the time, but I always wanted to fit in in Omotesando.

: Hey, do you think I stick out like a sore thumb here?

: It’s probably best not to encourage her.

: Yeah, I see… just a little longer…

: Japanese girls have weird coming-of-age rituals.

: Don’t you think that Harajuku and Omotesando have different images? Omotesando feels more like Aoyama’s style than Harajuku’s…

: None of those words mean anything to me.

: Speaking of Aoyama… hey, Trielo, what time is it right now?

: Can’t you just check the corner of your screen?

: 16:30, ugh… I was just thinking about that email in the COMP…

: I’m impressed. That doesn’t involve clothes, shopping, or karaoke! Maybe you’re ready for Omotesando after all. Whatever that means.

: You know, that one about someone being attacked by a “vicious beast…”

: Oh, I thought you meant the one about the Nigerian prince who needs $1000 to recover his fortune.

: It said the attack happened in the Aoyama area, right? It’s around the right time, too…

: Score one for narrative convenience.

: Those police cars… they’re heading towards Aoyama…

: Ah… ahaha! There’s no way that it could be true, right?

: You’re kind of thick, you know that?

: …

: Hey… Naoya’s apartment is in Aoyama, right? Shouldn’t we… go check it out?

: With luck, I’ll get to talk to someone other than you.

: Y… yeah…

: I’m a little scared… But, he should be okay.

: We haven’t even had a tutorial battle yet. You don’t put a guy in the intro, then kill him off before the first fight.

: Let’s go!

(Illusion of free will: Shattered.)

The scene is roped off by the police, and a crowd of onlookers has gathered.

: It seems Japan has a never-ending supply of bored housewives with nothing better to do than gawk at the cops. I kinda thought most Japanese people worked, but I guess some things never change.

Someone else who has just arrived approaches you.

: …I’m surprised to see you, Bill. What are you doing here?

: Who’re you- oh, yeah, right. Me.

: I don’t believe in exclamation points.

: Safe…? Oh, you mean the incident in the building.

: Of course that’s what we mean! What’s going on, anyway? That weird email you made us read made us all jumpy!

: C’mon, just look at this guy. He’s not gonna answer any questions.

: I see… You’re right. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to frighten you. The person who was eaten was a student, like yourselves. He lived next door to me…

: Living next door to Naoya is kind of like licking Chinese toys.

: He was eaten…? No way!

: I think there’s a difference between “wounds consistent with an attack by a large carnivorous beast” and being eaten.

: Is what that email said really true!?

: The sooner you get over this, the sooner we can all move on with our lives.

: But, we got that email before the incident happened, so… Trielo! What does this all mean!?

: How should I know? Ask him!

: The dead guy probably would’ve gotten more use out of it, though.

: …I see. You’re saying that I sent the email, then I carried out the murder…

: …Actually, that’s not what I was thinking at all.

: That does seem like a logical explanation. But, no, that’s not what happened. I understand why the two of you came here, Bill.

: Foreshadowing?

: But, our meeting here is an accident. We shouldn’t be talking like this.

: We’re cousins, not forbidden lovers.

…Oh god, there’s fanart of that, isn’t there?

: Hurry and find Atsuro immediately. It’s going to begin soon…

: Begin…!? What are you talking about?

Naoya looks away, and he seems to have no intent of answering any more questions.

: Aw, and he looked like such a trustworthy and helpful person.

: …There isn’t much time left. Listen carefully to me, both of you. Do not turn away from what is about to happen now. Do not be afraid to stand up against it. That is when the door of truth will open… Overcome your fate.

: There’s nothing I love more than cryptic, meaningless rambling.

Naoya walks away…

: That was about as helpful as I expected.

: Something… didn’t seem right with him, huh? I wonder what’s wrong.

: I’m pretty sure that’s how he always is.

: …Why? Why is that a dialog menu?

: Yo! I figured out how to crack these COMPs!

: There’s a good man.

: I need yours so I can unlock them. Come over to the Electric Museum in Shibuya!

: Is that like the Electric Factory?

: We can only hope so!

: I’m all confused from everything that’s happened so suddenly…

: I think you’re just confused in general.

: Maybe Atsuro’s figured out something on his end!

: Yeah, that’s how you do it, Atlus. Kids these days don’t want none of that interactivity nonsense! They just wanna push the A button.


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