PMD2 9: Letting the Days Go By


: Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to feed us.

: Alright, just tell us what you’re doing.

: I just started an Assembly here. Today, in fact.

: …That means absolutely nothing to me.

: For assembling your teams! Have you ever considered adding members, Floyd?

: I kind of figured it was inevitable.

: Well then! You need to start recruiting new members! I’ll just ring the Friendship Bell for you, Team Cynicists!

: This is why we don’t let the player make choices.

: Here goes! Hey-yah!

: …Okay.

: Now Team Cynicists has the power to recruit new members!

: Let the collect-a-thon commence.

: Yes! From now on, when battling Pokemon in dungeons… You may earn respect from some of them… and those Pokemon will then ask to join Team Cynicists. Once you have recruited a Pokemon, you can bring it along with you on dungeon explorations.

: It’s nice to know some things don’t change.

: No it’s not.

: To bring a Pokemon along, visit my assembly, then choose which members should join your team for the exploration. Always see me when you want to assemble a team that includes recruits! ♪

: But who do we see when we want to assemble a team that includes deserters?


: …Was that hole there before?

: …Weird. What’s the sign say?

: Well, now we know where Dugtrio spends his days. Cafe my ass.

: What’re they trying to accomplish with the ‘hopes and dreams’ line? Who’s gonna fall for that?

: Who knows? Advertising’s a nasty business.

: Is it just me, or did that cutscene seem out of place? It’s like they shoehorned it in to introduce a new feature.

: …That observation didn’t exactly flow either.

Secret Waterfall

: What’s so secret about it? It’s not hidden or anything, it’s just a big waterfall out in the middle of nowhere.

: After you.

Floyd attempts to enter the waterfall.

: So it turns out we can’t just waltz through several thousand gallons of water falling down a cliff at breakneck speeds. Who knew?

: Well, this was a bust. Let’s head back.

: Oh, no you don’t. This time, you try walking through it. Maybe your plot magic will part the waters or something.

: …Huh. Can’t argue with that.

: Bastard!

: Oh well. It was worth a shot.

: Okay, so we know the direct approach won’t work, but if we wait a couple of moments I’m sure something will come up.

: Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

: Here we go. Psychic powers to the rescue.

: That’s not how light works.

: Oh, I see. You can’t just walk into it, so clearly the answer is to run into it. Now I seem quite the fool.

: Aaaaaand it’s a cave! How original.

: I didn’t really need to watch him walk into the next room.

: Psychic vision’s blasting off again!

: Alright, I saw how to get through. We just gotta run at it.

: You sure about that? I’m not about to face off against the waterfall again. One stupid thing a day is quite enough.

: Of course I’m sure. Psychic dreams don’t lie, Floyd.

: …No, I guess not.

: We’re going to regret this.

: …Did that really work?

: Ow.

: …I hope that’ll work on the way out.

: Y’know, I honestly thought we’d just get knocked back again. Guess that means it’s dungeon time.

(Here’s the dungeon if you want to see it (what is wrong with you?).)

Waterfall Cave B9F

: A bunch of rocks! It’s fascinatin’.

: Too bad they won’t do us any good in an economy based off of want ads and sentry duty.

: Well, yeah, but look at that one over there! It’s a really big rock!

: It’s not that big.

: It’s about as big as we are.

: We’re not that big.

: …Yeah, okay, I can’t pretend to be enthusiastic any longer. Hell, right now we can’t even be sure if there’s any point to this other than “you beat a dungeon so here’s something shiny.”

: Actually, now that you mention it… why are we here, again? Is the goal just to reach the end and go back so we can say “Yeah, it’s a cave?”

: Oh, that’s right. Chatot’s gonna be pissed if we tell him we found a reptile-sized gem and didn’t grab it for him- and in the disappointed way, not the funny way. Guess we’ve gotta lug this thing back, then.

: …No, this isn’t gonna work. It won’t budge.

: You probably shouldn’t be trying to pick up a gem that’s as big as you are… which is why I’m gonna try it, too.

: Gee, whaddya know, it didn’t work. Give it another tug- maybe if we keep trying to pull it out I’ll have a psychic episode.

: …Shouldn’t we try working together before resorting to mysticism?

: They’ve gotta beat us senseless with it somehow.

: Yup, there it goes.

: I’m getting really sick of this.

: If this guy’s taking it then how’re we supposed to?

The mysterious silhouette who totally isn’t Wigglytuff does something to the gem that makes a clicking noise. This makes the screen shake again.

: Finally! A treasure with a proper deathtrap!

: Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground.

: Same as it ever was.

: Well, that was weird.

: This is getting nowhere… unless… maybe…

: I’m not sure what you’re about to do, but, uh, you probably-

: …Shit.

: What?

: I have no idea how this works, but according to my crazy temporal mind-trip we’re about to get pulverized by a huge-ass wave.

: …God da-

: Into the blue agurbleglub

: How the hell did a wave moving sideways launch us out the top?


: Hurgleburgleglubglub

: When did we get a hot spring?

: Glub.

: You plopped down from nowhere! Oh, you startled everyone!

: Yeah, we’ve got a knack for that.

: I missed breathing.

: Why didn’t we know about the hot spring?

: This is the Hot Spring.

: …I know. I just said that.

: I think I can identify a hot spring when I’m sitting in one.

: The Hot Spring works wonders on tired muscles and creaky joints. Many Pokemon visit here.

: We know what a hot spring is.

: Tell me, youngster, have you a map? Unfold it for me.

: This is what we get for clearing the dungeon? A map to the spa? Bollocks.

: This is the hot spring’s location.

: Great! Now we know how to get back.

: That geyser thing launched us pretty damn far.

: What a long journey that must have been!

: Eh. Gravity did most of the work.

: Let the Hot Spring wash away your fatigue before you make your way home.

: Not a chance in hell.

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