PMD2 8: Somewhere In The Between

(A quick summary of the intervening day: We reached Bronze Rank, which does nothing useful. However, we also got a Reviver Seed and some Gravalerocks (turns out they’re in the game and Geo Pebbles are just a slightly weaker version), which do.)

: Wait, what? The hell have we been doing this last week, then?

The next morning…

: I’m actually looking forward to this game’s fugitive arc.

: Oh god, something’s happening! Code red! Code red! Everybody hit the deck!

: Oh, the humanity!

: Far into the northeast, then farther into its outermost reaches…

: …Lies a hellish landscape where only the bravest of fools dare tread; a horrible, barren wasteland known only as… Maine.

: There lies a place called Treeshroud Forest… and in Treeshroud Forest…

: Time Gear spotted.

: Time has apparently stopped…

: A plot appeared! Command?

: Huh!?

: “I represent the target audience and cannot comprehend simple sentences.”

: Eek! What did you say!?

: Get the pollen out of your goddamn ears.

: You’re saying time stopped?! Hey, hey, hey!

: “Ha-cha-cha! I’ll be here all week.”

: Yes, that’s correct…

Chatot: Time has come to a standstill in Treeshroud Forest…

: In other news, Treeshroud Forest is frozen in time.

Chatot: The wind has stopped… the clouds are motionless…

: Could this affect your vacation plans this holiday weekend? Find out after the break.

: Are we suspending time or gravity here? Or maybe they go hand-in-hand… but then again-

: Let’s just say “don’t screw with time” and leave it at that.

Chatot: In Treeshroud Forest, time itself has truly stopped.

: Time stopped Forest in has Treeshroud?

: Wait, how long has he been here?

: Hey, Dugtrio! Go to he-

: But…

: Do you mind? I’m trying to talk-

: How could something this awful happen?

: Awful things happen all the time. What you really want to ask is “how could something this stupid happen?”

: It’s unthinkable!

: The whims of time are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals such as ourselves.

: Yes, the unthinkable has happened.

: “My magnificent coif is losing its shape.”

: Why has time stopped in Treeshroud Forest?

: “Magic! Now shut up and fix it.”

: Well, it’s because Treeshroud Forest’s Time Gear was…

: Time Gear!?

: Stolen!

: Stolen!?

: Huh?!

: Huh?!!?

: The Time Gear was s-stolen?!

: In this game, everyone is Snake.

: That’s what made time stop! Hey, hey, hey!

: And airline food! What’s up with that, huh? Hey, hey, hey!

: I’d heard it was possible! But now it’s really happened.

: I don’t get it, though! Why would ANYONE take a Time Gear?!

: To bring about a change! To create a machine to bring freedom! To build a man to save the world!

: Quiet, everyone!

: Or just Loudred. Either way, shut the hell up.

: Officer Magnezone has already started an investigation.

: Well now we’ll never know what happened.

: It’s hard to believe that anyone would dare steal a Time Gear.

: In fact, one could probably claim that the thief has gone beyond the impossible and kicked reason to the curb.

: But if one Time Gear can be stolen, the others may also be in danger.

: Maybe you should have somebody to defend them or something.

: The officer asked to be notified immediately if we notice any suspicious characters.

: Well, there’s this one parrot…

: So keep that in mind. Let us know if you notice anything. That is all.

: Really? Huh. That was even more useless than I thought.

: All right, everyone! Here’s to another busy day of work! ♪

Exeunt chorus.

: I knew the sentry duty rewards were too good to be true.

: To be fair, we’ve got many advantages over your typical apprentice. Experience, for example, and not being bloody idiots.

: I’m impressed with your capture of Drowzee. That was very admirable! ♪

: Eh, you know how it is. Squirtle see, Squirtle arrest.

: So!

: Wait, I know this one. We’re going a little too far a little too fast, so now you’re going to give us an impossibly difficult assignment in the hopes we don’t make it back.

: You all will be assigned a mission worthy of a proper rescue team.

: How condescending can you get?

: Let me see your Wonder Map.

: Hey, man, that’s the kind of stuff we beat Drowzee up for.

: Shouldn’t this map have labels or something?

: And… over here is where we’d like you to investigate.

: Are you sure you don’t want us to do something about the Time Gear thing? ‘Cause the police sure as hell aren’t.

: By all appearances, it’s just an ordinary waterfall.

: We all know where this is going.

: But we’ve received intelligence that the waterfall may contain a secret. And that’s where you come in. We want you lot-

: What’s with people calling us “you lot?” That kind of dismissive, vaguely offensive terminology is our shtick.

: -to investigate the waterfall and determine what’s there.

: It’s a cave.

: Alright, job over. Let’s go yell at Magnezone.

: We go to the waterfall and clear the dungeon behind it. This isn’t a difficult concept.

: Good! ♪ All right, I’ll leave you all to thoroughly investigate the waterfall! ♪

: We should really have someone take a look at that.

: A-are you all right?!

: I’ll be fine. I’ve got to get off the “no seriously what the hell am I eating” diet, though.

: Don’t we all?

: Anyway, we should hurry up and do that silly waterfall cave thing.

: No, really, don’t do that. It’s creepy.

: Wait, hold up. It just occurred to me that we’re finally free to go where we want.

: Then there’s only one thing to do.

: Ah, hell. Where’re we going?


: Nah, this ain’t-

: Hello, what’s this?

: To hell with sleeping, we’ve got privacy to invade!

Sunflora’s Oh My Gosh Diary

Entry 1: What A Scream!

00 Month XX Day, Sunny

Oh my gosh! So glad to meet you! I’m Sunflora, an apprentice at the guild!

: This is important information. She wouldn’t want to accidentally forget who she is.

Eek! But does this mean someone else is reading my diary besides me?!

: It’s like they knew we were coming.

Double-eek! Is someone sneaking a peek? Oh my gosh! How horrifying! Eek!

: You’d think she’d hide it or buy a lock or something.

: Wait, she was talking about herself in the title? Did she actually scream while she wrote that?

Sunflora’s Oh My Gosh Diary

Entry 2: That Silly Loudred!

00 Month XX Day, Sunny

: Well, that’s one word for it.

Oh my gosh! That silly Loudred! Ooooh! He can be so absentminded!

: If I were to make a list of reasons to hate Loudred, ‘absentminded’ wouldn’t even crack the top 50.

Everyone knows that if you get totally wiped out in a dungeon… you lose some items… and half your money!

: I’m starting to think this is another poorly disguised tutorial.

: How many times are they gonna tell us that dying is bad?

But of course that silly Loudred forgets that and goes storming off into a dungeon…

: That’s your complaint? He’s hot-headed?

And that wound up making both of us get wiped out! So I got sent back to the guild too!

: Couldn’t you have, y’know, not gone in the dungeon? Yeah, he would’ve lost, but that happened anyway.

Eek! So frustrating! Oh my gosh, I never, ever want to go into a dungeon with Loudred again!

: To be fair, dungeon crawling with Loudred is basically my idea of hell.

P.S. Two new kids joined the guild!

: You can tell we’ve made quite the impression.

I think they were called Floyd and Trielo… Oh my gosh. They’re both adorable! Yipee!

: I’m not sure what it means when a flower finds you cute, but it can’t be good.

Sunflora’s Oh My Gosh Diary

Entry 3: Lovely Food!

00 Month XX Day, Sunny

: Once again, not the term I’d use.

Tomorrow I’ll be off exploring with Bidoof.

: She’s got quite the knack for choosing terrible partners.

That Bidoof is sure to wander needlessly, so I should stock up on lots of food.

: Reasonable enough, but I’d be more concerned about the mysterious force that pushes you out of the dungeon if you take too long.

: Do we even know about that yet?

Oh? Why do we need lots of food?

: …So you don’t get hungry and start losing health?

Well, as you move around in a dungeon, you’ll get hungry as your Belly empties of food. If your Belly gets empty you’ll keep getting weaker and weaker… until you faint! Oh my gosh! Terrible!

: S0 much potential, wasted on yet another tutorial.

: I know she addressed this with some paranoid ramblings, but who does she think she’s telling this to?

Bidoof is a little short on experience, so I’ll back him up.

P.S. I plan to write about how my exploration went with Bidoof…

: Should be… er, interesting?

Now that’ll be something to look forward to! Eek!

: Gotta get that “Eek!” in there somewhere.

…Which again makes me think that someone may be peeking at my diary? Oh my gosh! How horrifying!

: Since we didn’t even know about this until now, either she’s just paranoid or somebody’s stalking her.

Sunflora’s Oh My Gosh Diary

Entry 4: Exploration Basics

00 Month XX Day, Sunny

: Okay, now they’re not even trying to hide it.

I promised, and now I’ll deliver! Here’s my report on exploring with Bidoof!

: I thought diaries where supposed to be interesting.

Oh my gosh! I was amazed at how little Bidoof knew about exploring.

: Remember, this is the guy they asked to teach us.

An example! If an enemy stands beside you, pushing Y will make you face it. Easy, right?

: Okay, I admit, I can see someone not picking up on that. Still doesn’t help us, though.

He didn’t even know that! But all he needed was a little coaching. When I taught him, Bidoof picked things up quickly.

: He was probably just playing along. When your crazy partner starts talking about Y buttons, it’s best to not provoke them.

He’s not so bad after all! Oh my gosh!

: I beg to differ.

We got the job done too! ♪ Another fun day!

: Being on a team with Bidoof would be about as much fun as sentry duty.

Next: Gee I wonder what’s behind the waterfall.

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