PMD2 6: Not Bidoof’s Wish

(This is a short one detailing that mystical thing known as ‘gameplay.’)

The next morning…

: Go jump off Drenched Bluff.

After the morning address…

: What the hell else can you possibly make us learn?

: Look up jobs on the Job Bulletin Board and the Outlaw Notice Board. Do the listed jobs. That will do for today! ♪

: Do you really think you need to tell us that?

: Understood? No shirking your work, OK?

: Let’s get the other rescue teams together and have a day at the bar.

: Well? If you understand, get on with it!

: How about you shut the hell up? Bloody hypocrite…

: We’re gonna take all of ’em?

: No reason not to.

: Aww.

: Looks like today’s one of those boring dungeon-crawling days. Let’s just get it over with.


: The exit’s pretty far out this time around.

: Hey, we’ve gotta have some padding.

: This whole game is padding.

(While I have a very good reason not to show the actual gameplay (read: it is boring), I- much like Chunsoft- do occasionally feel like I need to pay lip service to the fact that this video game is a video game. So, if some strange and highly worrying fancy has ever made you wonder what playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is like, here’s a video with some raw gameplay.)

Wigglytuff City

: This guy’s a goddamn rhinoceros. Why’d he need our help?

: Please accept this $1,500!

Trielo’s team received the share of $150.

: People need to stop paying us. Chatot’s booze fund is way too big already.

: Don’t be ridiculous. If we keep pumping money into it, his liver might fail. He can’t yell at us if he’s busy having surgery.


: Look, can you just tell me what the hell we’re eating?

: A cook never reveals his secrets.

: But… the… I don’t- ah, screw it.

The next morning…

: Would you get a new goddamn saying?


: Look up jobs on the Job Bulletin Board and-

: Okay got it we don’t need to hear this.


: Hold on. Let’s try and not do any jobs today. We might piss off Chatot.

: Sounds good to me. I don’t think that’s an option, though.

: Well, we know there’s nothing in town, but we could head down to the beach. There might be a sidequest or something.


: Maybe.

: Well… Would you keep an eye out for something, if you could?

: Am I going to hate this?

: Recently… there have been Bottles washing up on the beach…

: Walked out this morning, can’t believe what I saw…

: It looks as though there’s something inside those Bottles… If that sounds interesting, you might want to look for Bottles on the beach.

: Yeah, I hate it.

The Beach

: Who woulda thunk it?

: I have no idea how old this is or if Nidorino’s even still alive, but the reward’s a Reviver Seed so we’re taking it.

: Well, this trip was pointless.

Next: Chapter 4 finally starts.

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