PMD 27: Lethal Lava Dungeon

That night…

: Wait, weren’t we going to leave immediately?

: Of course not. We can’t do anything proactive on a plot day.

PMD 22-24

t3: I’m sleeping! You know what that means.

PMD 22-25

: Guess it’s time to learn things I already know.

: Why can’t I just have a good night’s sleep before storming the hell-dungeon?

: Yeah, that’s pretty much what I just said.

gardevoir neutral: Metal Gear!?

: Okay, so… why are you here?

gardevoir neutral: Just wanted to wish you luck.

: …Way to waste my time.

gardevoir: Know what?

: I dunno.

gardevoir neutral: Well, there is one thing I can tell you.

t3: Does that mean…?

gardevoir neutral: Yep. The end of the game.

: Hell yeah! This whole dream is worth it now. Thanks.

The next morning…

t3: Well, I had another psychic dream, but there’s good news.

: What?

t3: The game’s almost over.

s2: Finally.

: Hey, wait, this is almost as far out as those stupid mountains from the fugitive arc. Why can we get here in under a day this time around? It took like a week last time.

: Well, it’s not like we could have taken the bullet train when we were on the lam.

abs: My head hurts.

t3: My flesh! It burns!

: Let’s get out of here before we burst into flames.

More than 20 floors later…

abs: Hey, what gives? Aren’t there supposed to be other rescue teams? How do we go through the whole dungeon without bumping into a single one?

: Yeah, they lied.

Magma Cavern Pit B2F

abs: I take it this is the boss room, then?

: And neither head nor hair of the rumored ‘other rescue teams.’

t3: Lazy bastards.

The Plot used Screenshake! It’s barely effective…

: Well that can’t be safe.

abs: Well that was pointless.

t3: Oh no! The Checkered Void of Death ate the top screen again!

abs: The bastard!

abs: Oh that’s what you meant.

: C’mon guys, I spent ages charging this Buff Banner and there’s no way I’m letting you waste these mini-crits.

: Urrrrgh…

: Man, I told you to cut back on the cheese. See what happens when you don’t listen to me?

: We challenged… Groudon… and wiped out…

: You did what!? I told you not to ride that wave! I’m confiscating your board. You’re grounded.

: Grrgh… we… it crushed us…

abs: If you can’t take the heat, what the hell are you doing in a place called “Magma Cavern?”

: Hold on a minute… where’s the guy with the funny beard?

: Alakazam is… still battling Groudon…

abs: Really? Is… is that how it works?

: It’s like how me and Floyd can’t die, but you’re expendable.

abs: I know you’re right, yet somehow I can’t help being slightly offended.

s2: Anyway, we’ve gotta get goin’. Hope you don’t bleed to death or anything.

abs: I kind of feel bad about this. Shouldn’t we at least call for help?

s2: Nah. I don’t get reception down here anyway.

Magma Cavern Pit B3F

abs: Okay then, this is the boss room. How embarrassing.

: …Huh. I honestly have no idea how to respond to that.

The Plot used Screenshake! It’s barely effective…

: Stay back! This opponent… is no laughing matter.



: H-here it comes!

abs: My eyes!

: Did you really have to point it out?

: I was kind of hoping he’d leap out from behind a rock and shout “Gotcha!” or something.

(I can’t work this into the narrative, but you should see it anyway because ahahahaha.)

abs: Okay, looks like we’re gonna have to take it on ourselves.

: Oh really now?

abs: Yeah, whatever, let’s just kill it.

(Hey I got video for this one so you can see the power of hoarded Reviver Seeds. I promise I didn’t cheat this time- I really did have like five of them in my toolbox, all from dungeons.)

Groudon is defeated. Team ACT teleports in through methods not yet understood by modern science.

: How the hell did that happen?

: Urrggh!

s2: …I don’t think he can hear you right now.

: And why are you asking Groudon, anyway? Something here is incredibly suspicious.

abs: Guys I think they’re actually evil.

: We’re fine, thanks for asking, and no we’re not evil. Now let’s get out of here before this place collapses.

: What about tall, red, and just got hit over the head with a bunch of rocks?

: Your concern is unneeded. It will awaken soon enough. It had lost control only because it was enraged from having its sleep disturbed.

abs: And beating it up is supposed to fix this?

Another earthquake happens.

: Alright this is getting old.

: Out! Quickly!

Having calmed Groudon, Trielo’s team left the dungeon…

And returned to Pokemon Square together with Alakazam’s team.

Next: No really you think they’d actually show up after all that talk of working together.

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