PMD 24-1

: They somehow managed to make this place draftier. I need to get a blanket or something.

PMD 24-2

: What are these people still doing at my house?

: Being a nuisance. The Mankeys are whining about slave labor, Wynaut’s being useless, and Wobbuffet won’t shut the hell up.

PMD 22-2

: Bet you five bucks we don’t get a mission.

PMD 24-3

: Called it.

: Why are they so confused about mysterious dungeons? I mean, it’s the game’s title.

(So, long story short, I went back to the dungeon and got another chestnut.)

PMD 24-4

: Where’s the useless brigade now?

: Probably off menacing society or something.

: Without me?

The next morning…

PMD 24-5

: Yes. Now take it and get to work.

mankey: Oh! A chestnut! We want a peeled chestnut!

: Well, you got one, so… hop to it.

mankey: Come on! Give it to us! We’ll work hard for it.

: Yes. Okay. Fine. Take it.

mankey: Yes! A peeled chestnut!

: Just eat the damn thing and let’s get this over with.

PMD 24-6

: I hate all of you.

mankey: Why don’t you quit lounging around yourself?! Get moving!

: Witty banter, folks. Ain’t nothin’ like it.

mankey: We’ll get hustling on renovating your rescue team base!

: “Get hustling?”

: Of course. He’s coaching the high school baseball team, don’tchaknow.

mankey: We’ll carry in the materials and get this place built! Double-quick! You just wait!

: That’s what you said last time.

And so…

Supplied with another peeled Chestnut, the Mankey gang got motivated…

: Hey, now that I think about it, how come we’re capitalizing Chestnut?

And returned to work on the rescue team base’s renovation.

: That’s not a complete sentence.

As a result…

The rescue team base’s completion moved a little closer.

: That’s a really convoluted sentence structure.

: Wait, “moved a little closer?” Goddammit, we’re gonna have to do this again, aren’t we?

PMD 24-7

: …Bugger.

(And now I get to go hunt down another Chestnut. Aren’t you happy for me? This time there’s a job on the Bulletin Board for Uproar Forest, so I’ve also got to pick up some jerk called ‘Tyrone,’ except I actually can’t because I forgot to accept the mission after taking it from the board. What a dumb mechanic.)

PMD 24-8

: Is this the last one?

: We can only hope.

: That never ends well.

The next morning…

PMD 24-5

: Yes. Now shut up and let’s get to work.

And so…

: You think they’d get tired of starting text crawls like that.

Supplied with another Peeled Chestnut, the Mankey gang got motivated…

And returned to work on the rescue team’s renovation.

And finally…

t5: Yes!

s1: Suck it, Tyrone! We’re not coming back!

t5: Anybody named “Tyrone” is probably a douche anyway!

: Um, unless your name is Tyrone. You’re cool.

The rescue team base was completed!

t3: Yeah, that’s definitely a thing.

PMD 24-9

s2: I can finally tell my mom I’m an accomplished carpenter! Now maybe she’ll stop calling.

PMD 24-10

: Another building shaped like a head?

: Ow the continuity my brain hurts.

PMD 24-11

: Which is weird since I’m clearly a total egomaniac what with the whole ‘building shaped like my head’ thing.

y not: It was very hard, but it was worth it!

: Why are you people so happy about this? If I weren’t me, I’d probably be concerned about myself. This thing just screams ‘future Evil Overlord.’

: Just wait until we start accumulating gold statues.

: What is this, Animal Crossing?

wobbafet salute: Wobbuffet!

t4: Shut up. Nobody likes you.

mankey: Say, there. There’s something I want to ask…

: What, am I crowding you? Is your sense of superiority threatened by my giant head?

mankey: W… b… I-

: He’s the megalomaniacal one, right? ‘Cause I’m doing this from memory. And they all look the same.

mankey: If this rescue team base is finished… does that maybe mean… you won’t bring us peeled Chestnuts anymore?

: Yep. That’s probably a good thing, anyway- those Chestnuts you’ve been eating? Yeah, the government’s already got you bugged.

: I don’t like where this is going.

: Personally? I love it.

PMD 24-12

: And seriously- bullying? What, are you supposed to be a bunch of fifth graders? And in answer to your unspoken question, yes, you do need to cut back on the Chestnuts. Your waistline is already nonexistant.

PMD 24-13

t3: Heh.

PMD 24-14

PMD 24-15

t3: You guys wreck homes like a bunch of little girls!

As a result of everyone (except Trielo)’s desperate efforts to stop the Mankey gang…

The rescue team base was saved.

As for the Mankey gang, they promised to keep from rampaging…

In return for more peeled Chestnuts, they returned to their forest.

y not: Thank goodness! That was close.

: Say, how upset were you when you woke up in the ER and you were still alive? And a failure?

y not: ……………………

And that is how…

The chaotic renovation of the rescue team base came to an end.

Next: Not saving Tyrone, that’s for sure.

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