PMD 21-1

(Are you excited yet?)

PMD 21-2

: Ah, hell.  Now I can’t say that anymore.

abs: (Hey, pipe down!  We’re not supposed to be here!)

s2: Aw, that’s cute.  Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out one of these days.

PMD 21-3

l: That’s easy for you to say…  It’s too hard for us…

t3: Pussy.

sn: They say Trielo’s team has gone way far out there…

abs: There’s a place outside of Yonkers…

sn: If we went, the best we could hope for is maybe the Lapis Cave.

s2: Pussies.

shift: I went after them, too, but they fled into Mt. Blaze.

t3: Can’t take the heat, stay out of the cliche.

shift: For the life of me, I can’t go in there.  And that’s where I lost their trail.  I’m a Grass type, see.  Fire doesn’t agree with me at all.

: ……………………………Really?  That’s your excuse?

shift: I don’t know what became of Trielo’s team after that.

s2: A magical fairy came and gave us twice our weight in gold.

shift: …but those fugitives… to think that they would risk Mt. Blaze…

abs: Well, it obviously wasn’t that bad.

shift: They’ve grown up tough!  I can’t keep up!  Hahaha!

: “Grown up?”  We’ve been here all of two weeks!

PMD 21-4

: Tch.  Yeah.  I’m just gonna leave that there.

PMD 21-5

abs: Power to the people!

t3: Right on.

PMD 21-6

: His righteous indignace is hampered by the obvious hypocrisy.

PMD 21-7

abs: “Walk the talk?”  Uh… huh.

gengar: We’re out of that picture.  Kekeh!  Our role is to receive word of Trielo’s demise.

t3: You’re doing it wrong.

l: Tch!  Just appointed yourself that…

t3: You get a point for noticing the obvious, but you lose a point for grammar.  You also lose a point for missing how he appointed himself to a non-job, and another for not catching these things back when they’d be useful.

?: Oh my gosh!  Oh my goodness!

s2: They’re eating her!  And then they’re going to eat me!

PMD 21-8

t3: Of course she’s the first to know.  Women get gossip sent over the ‘hood, through the streets, and right into their brain.

purple-thing: Trielo… Trielo is…

t3: …A handsome rouge?

: You sure that’s how you want to finish that sentence?

: …On second thought, let’s make it “probably Chuck Norris.”

gengar1: Oh, good!  We’re finally rid of Trielo!  Kekeh!

t3: Ever the optimist, eh?  Let’s see if we can’t squash that by the end of the game.

PMD 21-10

: So… I’m finally rid of them?  Sounds good.

abs: I’m not sure how that’s different from what she said before, but…

purple thing is angry: Trielo is back!

s4: Oh, please!  Who does she think she’s fooling?  That could never happen!

gengar1: Kekeh!  What did you say?

t3: It’s a good thing I have no qualms about making fun of the deaf.

PMD 21-11

shiftry is yellow: H-hey!  Over there…

l: It’s a ghost!

sn: Run for your lives!

c: …Trielo!

sn: Th-they’re back…

l: And they hunger for our flesh!

t3: Oh, bugger off!  Bloody idiots…

l: Never mind, that’s him.

PMD 21-12

(The game, sensing that the moment is right, cues the theme music.  Except it’s just the normal town music, so it’s basically a total waste and really lame.  Still, I’m not one to waste a chance to link music, and the triumphant return of a theme  always makes me think of this or maybe this.  Much more effective, no?)

s2: So, um, yeah.

PMD 21-13

s2: Yo.

(In the original, he appears to get angry and yell at Gengar here.  At least, they use the angry mugshot.  Needless to say, it makes the next line really weird.)

gengar: (Kekeh!  What’s with that smug confidence?)

: When have we ever been un-smug?

gengar: (Kekeh!  Maybe…)

s2: You know, Gengar, I’m impressed.  You’ve got an amazing propensity for manipulating the stupid.

: You know full well you couldn’t back up your allegations with ‘facts’ or ‘logic.’  Fortunately for you, that proved unnecessary.  I was innocent all along, but who believes the accused?

PMD 21-14

abs: Um… what?

l: Wh-what?

abs: Glad to see I’m not alone on this one.

shiftry is yellow: Is that true?

abs: …Are we still talking about “Ugege?!”

s2: Well, unless many-tailed foxes make a habit of lying, it’s definitely true.  I wouldn’t put it past ’em, myself, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

PMD 21-15

abs: I hate to be a killjoy-

: Evidence suggests otherwise.

abs: -but your argument’s not that sound, either.  I know you’re right, and you know you’re right, but when you get down to it, you don’t have very strong evidence, just hearsay.

: Yes, but we’re the good guys so it’s okay.

abs: More importantly, you keep making him make that sound.

: …Well, can’t argue with that logic.

PMD 21-17

gengar: If you’re going to make that claim, let’s see some proof!

abs: Oh.  Looks like I jumped the gun a bit there.

s2: Eh, whatever.  You did it better.

: Hang on just a second.  How come we need proof but you don’t?

gengar: Because I’m the bad guy.

: Ooh.  Clever.  So, uh… you guys got anything?

abs: Haven’t we been over this?

: …Dammit…

gengar1: That’s right!  Some hard evidence!  Kekeh!  Let’s see some proof!  Come on, out with it!

: …Proof?  Damn…

gengar1: Kekekekekekekekeh!  Too bad you don’t have any proof!

: …That… goddamn laugh… it’s like being assaulted by thousands of bees…

t4: Okay, you know what?  How’s about I kick your ass instead?  That seems more rewarding.

gengar1: You came back for us so we could get rid of you easier!  How conveniently foolish!

PMD 21-18

(Okay, guess what happens next.  Go on, guess.)

[Gengar and company look around.  Question marks float around their heads.]

PMD 21-19

: Oh, we’re doing this?  Huh.  I thought it’d be a last-second bailout by Alakazam, but I guess this works too.

PMD 21-20

c2: You don’t fool me!

: Where was the intuition of a small child back when we needed it?

gengar2: Ugeh!

abs: Stop doing that!

shift: I… I’m out.  I was saved by Trielo’s team before…

: Where was your sense of gratitude back when we needed it?

shift: I joined the chase with a heavy heart because of your urging… but I just can’t think of Trielo being bad in any way.

s2: Really, now?  You can’t think of him as snarky, apathetic, lazy, self-serving, or derisive?

: I’d object, but honestly?  I really can’t.

gengar1: Ugegegeh!

abs: I give up.

PMD 21-21

: Look at King of the Bandwagons here.  It takes a real man to agree with the rest of the group.

sn: Yeah, that’s right!  Who needs proof?

: I hate you.

gengar1: Ugegegegegegege!

abs: Screw you.

PMD 21-22

PMD 21-23

ekans: What?  What’s this?

purple-thing: …………… It looks like… a newspaper, doesn’t it?

: Clever girl.

l: Okay, I’ll read it aloud.  Let’s see…

: Aww… I wanted to do it!  And I had a funny voice planned and everything…

<Pokemon News>

= Extra =

Trielo Innocent!

Trielo met with Ninetales under the watchful eye of Alakazam…

: Wait, what?  I don’t remember telling them that.

…And proved that it had nothing to do with the legend.

As a result, Gengar’s claims were found to be malicious lies.


PMD 21-24

abs: [Sigh.]

lombre is whatever: Why you rotten…

: Where was your anger back when we needed it?

gengar1: Gegegeh!  R-Run!

PMD 21-25

shift: Stop, you liar!  You conned us!

PMD 21-26

abs: At least I’m not the only one who’s sick of… whatever the hell that sound’s supposed to be, I don’t even know.

PMD 21-27

t3: It’s good to be back.

: Wait, what?

t3: Nah, I’m kidding.  Let’s hurry up and get out of this hellhole.

c: …Sniffle…  I’m so glad…  Trielo isn’t suspected anymore….

: Yeah, me too, kid.  I was getting bored of all the dungeons.

PMD 21-28

(Yep, that’s right!  We’re finally done with the nonstop dungeon-crawling.)

Next: I’m pretty sure there’s a couple more days of “Go off to random dungeons or something I don’t care,” so I’ll try de-borifying that for you.

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