PMD 13: This Never Happened

(Short update for now.  I felt bad about not putting anything up recently, so this’ll be its own thing.  Expect to see Mt. Thunder by the weekend.)

The next morning…

: Well, I managed to avoid any obvious foreshadowing.  That’s a victory in my book.

: So, anyway, you wanna go to Mt. Thunder?

: Nah, let’s not rush it.  I think the game’s trying to subtly dissuade us from moving on just yet.  Maybe there’s something in the mail…

: You don’t think…?

: The way I see it, it very well could be and it’s way too good of a chance to pass up.

(We take along Norman because he’s lagging behind in the levels department.  Also, now that I’ve had some time to play with things I think that I’d like to change how I’m going to handle dungeons; instead of posting floor summaries, I’m just going to note when something interesting happens.  It’s less work and it leaves less pointless filler.)

Level 6

: M-My, what a th-thoroughly uneventful d-dungeon.

:I think you’re just about ready to be useful, Norman.

: N- No!  Anybody but you!

: Hey, Ekans sent out the request.  Take it up with him.

: I bet it was those damn birds.  Stupid Post Office’s out to get me, I swear…

: A-awkwardness a… aside, c-can we get g-going?

Dungeon End

: It’s not a problem.  Gengar’s a dick for leaving you out there anyway.

: Erm… well… actually, it wasn’t quite Gengar’s doing…

: We… uh… we needed some… alone time…

:  You know what?  You’re not finishing that sentence.  Don’t even think about it.  The implication alone is enough to make suicide a perfectly valid option.

: And… it… erm… it doesn’t explain how… um… how you ended up-

: Hey.  Hey, Norman, buddy?  Quit while you’re ahead.

: There’s really a good-

: Okay, okay, stop.  Just stop.  Don’t-

: We’re very-


: You know what?  This conversation is over.  It’s so over that it never even happened, capiche?  This rescue never even happened, and if any of you wankers bring it up I swear to god I will bash your goddamn face in.


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