Level 1F

: Ha ha… man… Team Meanies.

Level 2F

: We’re only a floor away already.

: This has been an exceptionally good day, hasn’t it?  I can only assume that the game’s planning to screw us over soon.

Level 3F

: It would be just like this game to launch something stupid on us tomorrow, wouldn’t it?

: Still no minions to recruit, though.  Kind of disappointing.

(No, seriously guys, I must have killed more than 20 of the buggers over the last couple of days and none of them wanted to give me their eternal loyalty for it.)

-Dungeon Complete-

: Next time, try to pick a cave that isn’t filled with homicidal maniacs.

-We got 200 Poke-

(So, at this point, I honestly have no idea when the next plot event is, and we all know how boring it is to wait for them to show up.  TIME SKIP TIME.)

Summary of events:

Floyd gained a level.

-Several Mornings Later-

: I thought you’d never ask.

: Is it Team Meanies?  Please say it’s Team Meanies.

: I liked it that way.

: Please!  Please help my friend!  I was playing with my friend Metapod and…

: Did he skin his knee?

: I don’t think he has one.  In fact, I doubt that he’s even mobile.

: But Metapod got lost in the woods… He’s still out there…

: How long has it been?

: Two weeks.

: That’s… uh… actually pretty serious, I guess.

: “Kekeke?”

: That can only mean…

: Oh boy!  It’s everybody’s favorite band of completely retarded antagonists!

: Did yesterday’s verbal beatdown teach you nothing?

: Have no fear!  We’re here to save your chum Metapod.

: Team Meanies: Providing wit on the level of Underdog since 2000 who cares.

: I’m having a problem seeing the evilness of this plan.

: Seriously, though, just let us handle it.  You guys couldn’t rescue your way out of a joke that got old when you were five.

: Keh!  You think you can do this rescue with you amateur-level skills?

: We’ll see who’s the amateur when we kick your ass.  And it’ll be you.  ‘Cause you got your ass kicked.

: It doesn’t matter who does the rescuing, see?

: Except it does because we want the experience and free items.

: The guy that does the rescuing gets to be the hero.

: You guys call yourselves Team Meanies.  You are never going to be the hero.

: Listen, Caterpie.  How about we do this?


: How about you give the reward to the team that brings your chum back first?

: … Isn’t that how it works?

: But… I… I don’t have any money…

: So we’re doing it for charity?

: We’re doing it so a small child doesn’t get eaten by a dingo.  Don’t be a jerkass.

: Oh, don’t you worry about that, my little friend!

: I really, really don’t like where this is heading.

: I’m sure we can persuade your parents to reward us, with interest, afterward!  Kekeh!

: You… you mean money, right?  Please mean money… please?

: Oh, yeah.  You can even join our team.  That’s an offer you can’t refuse.

: Letting small children join your rescue team?  God dammit, you guys are absolutely the worst villain to ever disgrace anything.  Team Rocket was more evil than you morons!

: When you join us, Caterpie, we’ll let you be a big wheel in Team Meanies, kekeke!

: There are three people on your team.  Three.  There aren’t a whole lot of wheel sizes.

: That’s the deal, Floyd.  First to the rescue wins!

: Why are you addressing me?  I’m not even the leader.

: And, because I haven’t insulted you enough today, you are an idiot.  Also your constant ‘keke’-ing is incredibly retarded.

: Come on, move!  Let’s get this done already!

: Those guys are really, really lame, aren’t they?

Next: A dungeon that isn’t Mt. Steel!  I’m shocked, too.

Recruits: Sudowoodo.  There’s a real dearth of recruitables right now, so I’m going to buy some Friend Areas after the next dungeon.

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