PMD 8: Very Special (Read: Boring) Update-isode

(Normally I do a day an update, but the first day here consists solely of one dialog box, one mission, and a ‘dungeon’ that takes about two minutes to get out of.  It’s not very fair to leave you with just that, so I”m also including the lead-in to the next dungeon… which is exactly the same thing.  Stupid game.)

: W’ever.

: Mail’s here.

: Let’s grab the Tiny Woods job and get this over with.  It’s just filler between plot events, anyway.

: It occurs to me that these people don’t actually have a reason for going into dungeons in the first place.

Level B1F

: Let’s see about getting us some minions…

: Screw you too, game.

Level B2F

: This is boring as hell.

Level B3F

: Finally.

: … Why are there bouncing, sentient eggs here?

: What- Oh.  Oh, wow.  Man, that guy’s even more messed up here than the main games.

: Why can’t I pick it up?

: We must have hit the item cap.

: So, let me get this straight: We can store items of any size, from berries to CDs to magical spheres, but we can only store exactly twenty of them?  Do I even need to explain how wrong that is?

: I assure you, somebody else already has.

: Oh, thank god.  Let’s get the hell out of here.

: Hey, wait for me!

: No, thank you for letting us activate the next plot event.

The next morning…

: Time for something stupid to happen!

: Yeah, sure, whatever.  Where’s helpless stranger #42?

: …Mail?  So… so there’s no… this is just…

: God damn it, game!

: Ugh.  Let’s just get this over with- there’s got to be something tomorrow, right?

: Well, maybe this time there’ll be some minions to recruit.

: Yes!

Next: More dungeons!  And plot… maybe?

Recruitables: Looks like it’s just Zigzagoon this time around.  This will change as we get more friend areas.

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