MST Playthrough- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Starting tomorrow, I plan to begin doing a playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team for this blog.
Why? Well, in terms of plot, it’s not the worst out there, it’s actually about passable… but I think the whole concept is ripe for deconstruction. You can see an rather good and quite thorough (but not yet complete) Let’s Play of the GBA version of the game here. I’m going to be doing this quite differently, though; the format will probably be about the same, but I’m focusing more on the plot, less on the levels and doing a more complete rewrite of the dialog, at least for the main playable characters. Unfortunately, this means you don’t get the intense roguelike action. So sad.

So, some background on the game and why I’m doing this now. I bought this game back when it came out because the very concept struck me as a much-needed respite from the typical format of the RPGs. Plus, I’ve long been a fan of the series (much as I hate to admit it… I was just at the right age to be totally sucked into the fad, and while I haven’t bothered with it for the most part (especially not the incredibly stupid anime) since I was like 10, I still play the games) and always thought that it would be cool to directly control one of the little buggers. This game hasn’t really proven me wrong on that, but a roguelike is honestly not what I had in mind. I actually picked it back up again recently before giving up entirely.
Anyway, I was looking through the LP Archives when I decided to see if there were any interesting LPs currently going on and came across the earlier link. I’d been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but couldn’t find the right game, and while I’d like to do something more ‘abysmal’ then ‘meh,’ I think this works.
Expect updates to start tomorrow.

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