I hate this comic: 321-330

I couldn’t find the expository page that explains all this, but wasn’t the Will diamond one that you controlled yourself?

Keep who what way? Who what keep way? Whadda wadda kee koo.
Yes. ‘Just’ a demon. As opposed to something that isn’t an incredibly powerful supernatural being.
Once again, this really isn’t that bad, is it?
Okay, you now have zero license to angst about this. The only thing you’re cursed with… is awesome. And by awesome, I mean ‘awesome anywhere but this comic.’ Because nothing here is awesome. Not even dated memes.
So, grabbing things sounds like ‘grab.’ God damn Gonter-SFX.
Evil Sonic has become a whiffer!
So there’s a gun. With real bullets. Just now.
I’m still convinced that quasi-all-powerful demons shouldn’t need guns.
And this is why.

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