*Sigh…*: 311-320

“Except for Amy and her Dues Ex Machina beam! But how likely is that?”
Tails getting beat on. Again. Meh.
Here’s another result for ‘I’m glad I saw Epic Movie.’ I’m glad I didn’t see that movie. Was there a comic or something I was looking at?
What’s with this “shhhnnnnn” sound effect we keep seeing? Does anything actually make a “shhhhhnnn” sound? Maybe something being unsheathed, but that’s more of a “Shing!”
Okay, fine, so it was Tails and his Dues Ex Machina beam. Close enough.

So… it’s a Dues Ex Xanatos Gambit. Yay!
So Sonic wasn’t being mind controlled? I’d say it’s a shocking twist, except the assumption that we all made before the mind control ploy was introduced was that he was being corrupted by some kind of power source. So we actually guessed it. Granted, expecting something and then subverting that expectation before revealing that the first expectation was right can be an effective tool if used by not this guy.
What was Evil NiGHTS, then? Some kind of… uh… what was it?

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