Yeah, more: 291-310 (300th issue special)

I don’t get it.
Oh, I see. He’s nagging them to death.
… Wait a second…
Is that Kirby? They’re employing Kirby? Wait, no, too not completely circular. Probably just someone’s crappy fancharacter or something.
Shooting things is fun.
He’s relapsing! *Prays the comic ends in blood*
Dammit. I wanted to see these guys get slaughtered.
…What? It’s only fair.
This one is just meh. Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh.
Just crappily drawn action stills.
Their best? There’s no way that’s good enough! Huzzah!
It’s funny. He doesn’t want people to die, and yet he eats the souls of the damned to heal himself. Priorities, man. Make up your mind.
What the hell do you expect from an evil genius? Even if he isn’t evil anymore? I wouldn’t give up my robot armies, either.
I can’t wait until they find out it’s actually two tourists convinced there’s a tornado. Won’t the egg be on their faces then! Ho ho ho ho!
Obvious trap is obvious.
Eggman. Come on. You’re trying too hard. You know it won’t work- the author has to pan this out another 57 pages. Just give it up.
No! Not a paper cut! He’ll never make it!
That first speech bubble makes no sense, if only because GUNS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. Maybe this is an alternate future with energy guns, but I don’t see why we’d change to energy bullets. They obviously don’t work as well.

What do I want? I want a meteor to strike the planet, killing all of you. But that’s not gonna happen, so I’ll settle for everyone getting arrested.
Newsflash: Making yourself less capable when facing an opponent =/= fair. You have an advantage, but it’s a fair advantage. Beating someone because you’re better isn’t unfair.
If his power ‘matches’ Tails, wouldn’t that mean they’re equal?
Proper response: Since when did I give a damn about being fair? When it doesn’t help me, I mean.
You know something? Tails has long been one of my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters, if only for being the only one who isn’t evil or a moron. Well, in theory at least. Most Sonic characters have been Flanderized beyond recognition at this point, but the intent is there.
Despite this, I want him to die. That way, the comic could just end. But, no, instead he has to get hit with plot-induced competence at the last minute. He gets the girl, saves the world… and then the author drops a bridge on someone, because true art is angsty.

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