OH GOD WHY: 261-270

Lamest. Joke. Ever.


Oh… so they were trying to recreate an orgasm…….
I find myself laughing involuntarily at the sheer stupidity of this scene. Why is Amy pelvic thrusting? How did Shadow managed to inadvertently grab someone’s ass? Oh, wait, it was the other way around… Even so! What the hell happened here? What exactly is Demon Knuckles so freaked out about? I mean, the joke sucks, but it’s not a ZOMG sucks. More a “Don’t keep you night job” sucks. It’s not even as creepy as the last panel’s nerdgasm.


This whole update has been nothing but a cavalcade of absolutely horrid jokes that are irredeemably squicky. No, seriously, make it stop.
Oh. I think that was my sanity. Okay, then. I think I’m going to just ignore the comic before I get all Once all up ins, mmmkay?
………I just said ‘all up ins.’ See what I mean?
You know what’s a good comic? Watchmen. You know what this is basically the exact opposite of? Watchmen. You know what I’d rather be reading right now? Watchmen. You know what I’m going to go do now?
Finish watching Plan 9 From Outer Space. Something tells me it’d be more entertaining even without the MST3K guys.

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