I must really hate myself: 241-250

Wow! It’s like they knew what I was thinking!
Because psychopathic demons are known for just letting the person they beat the crap out of go.
So… let me get this straight: He turned into a super powerful demon in order to fight a different super powerful demon, so now he’ll be punished by… being forced to remain a super powerful demon.
That’s the stupidest punishment ever. That’s like punishing someone for being gluttonous by making them eat donuts for all eternity. Or punishing someone for making vague Simpsons references by making them watch the Simpsons. Or something.

Why is that last phrase in a separate-yet-connected word bubble like that?
How’d she ‘piss him off?’ By using sex as a means to manipulate a pubescent fox-boy (which is REALLY GOD DAMN CREEPY)? Skipping over the furry-dom, I don’t see his objection. Maybe he’s actually a religious demon who won’t tolerate adultery or premarital sex.
You know, this does bring up an important point- why is he helping them? He obviously doesn’t really need Tails, Amy has done nothing useful outside of shooting off energy beams that don’t seem to have any major impact on battles, and Eggman’s just been a vehicle for this comic’s terrible, terrible humor. Plus, wouldn’t a psychopath enjoy killing people just for the sake of it? Well, okay, maybe not, but if we start actually using correct definitions for psychological terms here, the comic just gets even worse at it.
Wait… she was able to control Rouge, so…
So then she already has the diamond, right? So then what the hell is all this about? Weren’t they looking for it or something? And if she already has it, then what’s the point? Wouldn’t she have already used it? And if she didn’t have it, then how did she control Rouge and…
As you can see, this comic causes head aspolsion.

Oh, ha ha! Look at you with your oh-so-witty lampshade hanging! See? They make fun of cliche! Is nice!
I mean, it’s not like every farking superhero/comedy show ever has done it.
In all seriousness, I’m getting kind of tired of the lazy sorts of lampshade hangings. I mean, it’s like cracking a joke about how the butler always does it- it’s just as cliche as playing it straight. Now, I’m a huge fan of deconstruction, of making fun of the tropes that crop up all over. tvtropes.org is one of my absolute favorite websites. It’s what makes up most all of the writing I do. But if you’re going to do it, do it right, people! Come on. Ambush Bug does it right. Freakazoid! did it right- hell, all of the Warner Bros. animated cartoons of the era (Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Hysteria!) did. It’s not that difficult.
Sorry for the rant, it’s just a pet peeve.
You know, this comic has had plenty of narm moments before, and it never made fun of those. And Knuckles is usually bright red, so the purple thing’s not really a big deal. The outfit’s kind of ridiculous, but I’m sure that can be taken care of pretty easily. The pupil-less eyes might be a bit of an issue, but he can see well enough and I’m sure you can get used to it. Plus, he could always hide it with some sunglasses or something. The point being that there’s no reason for him to be so upset about the whole thing.

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