Chaos Diamonds 3: 231-240 (We’re finally back on track)

I can’t imagine that there would be many immediately recognizable differences between the night sky in the middle of the universe and the night sky here, unless you were looking for specific planets, constellations, etc.

Okay, confession: I actually kind of like the excessive blur. It’s very stylized.
You know, in writerland (a place Psyguy has never been to), we call this is ‘Dues Ex Machina-‘ a plot device in which something random/unexpected happens, usually to return things to the status quo/get the hero out of a difficult situation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, outside of being kind of lazy, except I’m quite certain that in Psyguyland this is a shocking and unexpected plot twist.

Okay, I see right through the paper-thin puberty metaphor (I’m not going to be too hard on it for that; this kind of thing is incredibly common in series about teenagers getting superpowers. Like Spiderman or something.) here, and I just feel obligated to say that it doesn’t work like that for anyone, regardless of gender. It is not ‘BAM now you’re all mature and crap.’
Besides, a wiser author would have saved that for later on in case they write themselves into a corner and need an instantly accessible, semi-rationalized Dues Ex Machina.
What the hell happened to Amy and her instant energy beam power?
And when did demon Knuckles get ripped?
This is why we usually refrain from kicking people who are three times are size and ripped. Just saying.
Knuckles getting tricked has been a staple of his character since Sonic 3; I don’t see any reason for him to become genre savvy about it now.
What just happened?
Oh yeah, there was some kind of plot thread about this earlier, wasn’t there?
Why the hell was the psychotic guy possessing demon-Knuckles in the first place? Was there any good reason for that at all, or is the writer just BSing their way through this?

And the Gonter-SFX are still floating around.
And this is seriously just like something out of the old British Fleetway comics, with the whole psychotic superbeing thing. They even have the swirly hypno-eye thing going on.

Wait… what?
When did they become separate entities? Don’t the diamond-demon-things need a host or something? If not, then what the hell was the point of the whole thing in the first place? And did he always have bat wings, or did I just miss it? I probably did. Oh, oh, and where’s the jealousy diamond or whatever it was during this whole thing? Knuckles still has his. And why does this guy look like a hedgehog while the other guy looks like Knuckles? And…

Do you think those car-door dent remover things work on walls, too?

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