Yawn… Getting kind of bored… and… sleepy… (“Ahh, you found me! Remember last spring, when you asked me to play Hide-And-Seek?”)

I’m pretty sure that if I was writing a comic book and, within said comic book, somebody grabbed somebody else, my sound effect of choice would not have been “GRAB!”

(Editor’s note: Clearly, he subscribes to the Gonterschool of sound effects. -NotPigeon)

Whoa! Knuckles has taken a page out of Professor Quirrell’s book by implanting a second, identical face on the other side of his head!

Wait, what’s happening here again? Kunckles is talking to some mud… then he drops his staff… breaks down crying and is somehow able to reach a kneeling position before the staff hits the ground… he’s still crying… he stands up… his eyes are closed and lacking evidence of tears.. and then, what, 60’s hypno-glasses guy takes over his brain?

You stuck it into your own forehead hard enough that it stayed there for the duration of the fight. What made you think that was ever going to be a good idea?

(Editor’s note: For a psychotic demon, this guy sure does show a lot of understanding and compassion for others.)

Wil gets his own diamond? But then Psyguy will feel all alone and excluded…

(Editor’s note: No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong! Psyguy’s author insertion is the Fleetway Super Sonic ripoff.)

So you aren’t the bad guy? You’re a pupilless freak with ten ears who summons dead spirits to do your bidding and then eats them whenever he gets hurt, and you’re not the bad guy?

Dramatic Pose! Dramatic Pose! Another Dramatic Pose! More Dramatic Poses!! Um… ‘blink’?

They’re switching places at the speed of light!

Aww, it’s the classic battle… “I want to get owned by his heat blast!” “No, me! Me!”

And now he’s sorry that he fought back against that one lady who tried to pull the diamond out of his head… Hey, Knuckles: Fickle much?

(Editor’s note: Apply Tails’ first comment to the entire last 50 pages or so, and you’ll have pretty much encapsulated the whole thing. -NotPigeon)

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