Now he’s emulating Multiple Man, too? Wow, this guy’s unstoppable!

Not being a fanboy, I can’t tell whether the top panel is a flashback or a complete and unpremeditated divergence from the story. Neither would surprise me.

(Editor’s note: Being a reformed fanboy of Sonic in general, I should be able to explain this. However, it appears to be nothing more than the super-powerful psychopathic demon deciding to let the pubescent fox fend for itself against a different super-powerful demon. -NotPigeon)

So… this ‘Tails’ guy jumps in front of Knuckles-the-ten-eared-wabbit, teeth clenched, and Knuckles considers this an ‘attack.’ I’m getting the hang of this!

(Editor’s note: If the damned are ‘walking before him,’ doesn’t that disqualify them as ‘lifeless?’)

Getting kind of bored. Going to go grab a ham sandwich. You guys go on without me.

*Munching noises in distance*

(Editor’s note: So, the time-freezing/teleportation/super-speed (the games have never once been even remotely consistent about this) fueled by gems trumps the demon fueled by more powerful gems. Gotcha. -NotPigeon)

Ooh, too much mustard. So, what’d I miss? Looks like Wil spontaneously decided to ‘drw’ in negative.

“Ow! Oh! Ooh! I’m being punched by an invisible ‘FA-WHASH’ sound effect!”

(Editor’s note: There are so many things wrong with this page that there’s no way in hell that I’m going to take the time to explain them. To suffice: TIME FREEZE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. -NotPigeon)

Ah, I see now: the ‘FA-WHASH’ sound effect is secretly… Hedgehog-with-kerchief-over-mouth Man!

(Editor’s note: Once again, the author shows that he hasn’t been paying any attention at all to the power structure set up by HIS OWN COMIC. Great.

Look, I can do inordinate amounts of speed lines too! Watch! -\ __ = //__\\

Caroling Break! Though the weather from his hand is frightful… Inside SH-KINK(!), it’s so delightful… (Skat solo:) Heh Heh-Heh HEH Heh, Heh Heh, Heh HEH Heh!

(Editor’s note: Oh my god, he’s being attacked by Photoshop effects! Save us!)

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