Interim (Why are there all these magic diamonds just floating around anyway?)

(Editors note: Thanks to iconoclasticbanter for writing the quips here. Unfortunately, I was unable to get his stuff up until I returned from camp. However, he’s written a few for me and I’ll be putting those up. Expect to see your regularly scheduled mockage return sometime soon. -NotPigeon)

Dude, panel three should look better in your head. Mustached old ghosts with gloves and weird eyes just aren’t fearsome at all.

It is distracting you, Mr. Intelligent. Notice how you’re looking straight at that ghost thingy in the corner. The non-corporeal ghost that’s scratching its armpit. (???) And you’re looking at it with your hypnotically swirling eye spirals. Also: “Heh heh heh?”

Love your grammar there, dude. And also your apparent power to lengthen your arm extreme amounts on short notice.

No, it was your firstborn. He ate your firstborn baby.

Oh, I love to SHHNNN! Don’t you just love to SHNN? SHHHNNNNNING is just like !!!!!!! and ??????? at the same time, know what I mean?

NEWS FLASH: The guy with the diamond in his forehead is really good at fighting. You know, just in case you didn’t already get that from the fact that he turned hypno-glass-eyeballs guy into hypno-glass-eyeballs-on-a-black-background guy.

Stop the presses! New headline: Diamond-in-forehead guy has developed the X-men’s Nightcrawler-like teleportation powers!!

Help who? There’s so little expository dialogue in this comic I can’t even differentiate between evil and good!

(Editors note: You know, I was wondering who I was supposed to be rooting for, too. -NotPigeon)

Wait… so, they’re demons. Pardon my cluelessness, but doesn’t that make them both evil?

(Editor’s note: My guess is that Shadow just doesn’t know who to root for, either. The comic is just that mangled.)

And the black eye, punch to the face, electrocution, numerous strikes with the staff, and apparent back-breakage didn’t hurt? Well, if they didn’t, your opponent sprouting eleven rabbit ears (eleven, count ‘em) definitely will.

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