The same damn thing: 151-180 (I know I’m getting sloppy I’m sorry)

Disco joke is lame.
Blaming joke is lame.
Joke that makes no damn sense is lame.

Why? Why the hell get an empty pizza box? If I could teleport, I’d at least steal an actual pizza, you know?
Full page art is lame.

Ouija boards are lame.

This joke is lame, too. Seriously, why do these jokes suck so much?

Mommy? I’m scared.

No. Really. This scares the hell out of me. This is going places that I really don’t like, and it’s REALLY DAMN CREEPY.
It’s not the big kissing scene, Gonterman was infinitely worse, it’s the last panel…

Squick. Squick squick squick squick.

What the hell was that about? Really. It’s like they wanted to traumatize me.
Anyway, what the hell is an Emerald Chamber?
“What’d he talking about?”
That’s a big damn typographical error.
That was unnecessary.

This is almost deserving of the ‘damn furries’ tag, but it doesn’t count because it’s all set in an established continuity. And because one gets the sense that they’re basically people that happen to be anthropomorphic animals just ’cause. As opposed to people who want to have sex with fox suits. I’m looking at you, Gonty.
Basically, there’s a difference between anthropomorphic animals and furries.
I apologize for the boring aside. At least it’s more interesting than the comic.
The lack of ‘damn furries’ does not in any way make this not squicktastical.

Still ew. Still ew.
And now the art spontaneously starts to suck, too. And I think the writing got worse.
Kill me now.

What’s with Rouge? The reason for her sudden nausea is far more interesting than this.

Okay, I’ve going to be leaving soon, probably today but maybe tomorrow, so just in case I’ll put up one final set.
This is so, so wrong. So very, very, very wrong.
Remember a couple pages back, when I said that the reason for Rouge’s nausea would be more interesting? I lied. I’m very sorry.
What’s Eggman carrying? It’s too badly drawn to tell.
What the hell does Knuckles want with a gun, anyway? Shadow the Hedgehog already played that angle out, and it lead to dark places. In fact, forget I said that. Shadow the Hedgehog does not exist.

This is going to be a long, stupid ride to the end, isn’t it?
Ew ew ew ew.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

Ew ew ew ew you get the idea.
I saw The Dark Knight today. It was a good, atmospheric movie with psychological leanings and my favorite incarnation of the Joker, despite how different it is from the others.
The point I’m getting at here is that that movie was everything this comic is not, the most important of those things being ‘good.’

Hand of doom! Whoo! Bring on the Sabbath!

Paranoid was a good album. This is a bad comic. Kurt Cobain’s cover of “In the Pines” (or “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”) was awesome and powerful. This comic is sucktastic. A billion similar comparisons. The conclusion: There are a billion things more entertaining than this comic but I’m doing this anyway because I need an outlet for my snark.

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