Chaos Diamonds 3: 111-140 (I missed 2 days! Woo!)

Tentacles… wait…

Look out! The Photoshop effect is out to get you!
I’m going to be rendered useless for a while because of this comic’s incomprehensibility, I just know it.
Seriously, what the hell is going on?
THIS. IS. STUPID. That’s all I can say. It’s just… WHAT!?
The demon of revenge? What kind of useless claptrap is that?
Still just as stupid as before.
So, he’s kind of like Fleetway’s Super Sonic, then?
He’s stupid for passing up that offer. Giant green hedgehog-thing? Totally terrifying. Scarier than Jason (/Freddy/Mike Myers/what-have-you, I don’t give a damn), even!
That was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.

So… she was evil NiGHTS all along?
I honestly didn’t see that coming. I feel stupid now.

What’s with who-gives-a-damn’s (the one on the left down in the bottom panels there) stupid Sayin (Is that how you spell it? I don’t care, I never watched Dragon Ball) outfit?
Action sequences bore me.
That may be the single most ironic statement I have ever made. The sad part is that it’s true.
Of all the X-Men you could rip off, why the hell would you choose Gambit?

This is going on for TOO. DAMN. LONG.

I know I’ve already said that action sequences aren’t my cup of tea, but I do feel obligated to point out that they can be enjoyable, but they have to make sense.
Considering the obvious parallels to Fleetway’s Super Sonic (at least, I think that’s what they’re going for, but you never can tell with this comic…), I don’t think it’ll give a damn.



!!! …


I think he’s about to throw up in panel 2.
… That makes this both incredibly disgusting and farking hilarious at the same time.

Shadow has no time for your stupid furry libidos.
Finally, somebody gets it! Even if it is Shadow. Freaking Wesley.

At least the writer knows that we haven’t really been paying attention to the plot.

Shadows plan makes no f**king sense. At all. Let’s have a ranty dissertation on why that is.
So, what, he’s going to just hang there, wait for Tails to tell Amy that he likes her, and then spring into action? What’s he trying to do, force Tails to admit his feelings? There are better ways to do that, you know. Like, say, getting a gun (I know you’re willing to use them, Shadow, that HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE game of yours taught me that.), holding it to his head, and saying “TELL. HER. NOW.” That way, you don’t have to put all four of you in danger.
Furthermore, why does he give a damn? I mean, I can respect wanting to get rid of the unresolved sexual tension, but still. It goes completely against Shadow’s stated stoic/slightly sociopathic nature that we’ve seen in the games (that this comic is more or less ignoring) where he’s not an amnesiac.
Meaning SA2, I guess.

Lesson learned: Jealous foxes can turn into giant green hedgehog-monsters that’ll kill anything that moves. Good to know.
The world was created by Mary Sues?

Except Tails clearly remembers that he turned into a giant monster and kicked some @$$, as seen just a few pages ago.
Also, how is the Will diamond the strongest? Wouldn’t that be Ghost? Giving you the most power it can (‘unlocking your potential’; admittedly, this can be interpreted different ways), but letting you control it?

Sonic isn’t dead. I know this because I saw the last page first, thanks to idiotic formating. If you’ve got a comic that tells a continuing story that has an end to it, don’t have the web link drop you right on the ending.

Since when does Shadow have PK fire?

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