Chaos Diamonds 3: 81-100 (2 for the price of 1! Huzzah!)

Murder is not the answer.
Incapacitaion, on the other hand…

I can’t help but feel that there are non-violent resolutions to this particular conflict. Like, whatever happened to Chaos Control? Couldn’t that freeze time back in SA2? Why not just use that?
Oh. Right. That would require common sense.

Was… was that a pun?
For once, I have to agree with Ms. Yandere stalker-with-a-crush over there.
No, really, that didn’t even make sense.
Because we really needed half a page of someone walking.

And then the art started to be bad, too. Well, not bad, just… well, it’s an off-putting and abrupt shift, okay?

Dammit. Now I need to put in a language warning.

God damned stupid plot. That’s all I have to say.

GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. Well, maybe it does. Either way, you don’t shoot someone and then tell someone else that they did it when they were standing two feet away from you. That’s just stupid.
Also, don’t they have security cameras or something? I think prisons are supposed to do that.

Indeed. Seriously, what just happened?

Tails shares my reaction to this comic.

I find this strangely comical. No, really, it’s actually somewhat funny. I think this is because you can’t actually understand the joke as they meant to tell it. I’m sure that it would have sucked if they were any good at this.
Not much to say here.

Another incredibly dull page where nothing happens.

I am completely lost.

I like Amy’s eyes here. You can tell that she doesn’t care at all. I respect that.

No, you can just blow up jail cells and nobody will notice.
And… now we’re back where we started.

We’ve seen this before.

And yet another waste of comic that tells us absolutely nothing.

How the hell does Deathwish (yeah, I know, I forgot her actual name, this doesn’t make the joke less lame) think she can stay ahead in public opinion polls after this?
You can’t just hang people off buildings and get away with it.
Even if she’s not the one doing the hanging, you can’t show obvious glee at it, either.

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