Chaos Diamonds 3: 61-70

He did.

I know this is supposed to be bad, but they really weren’t justified. Like, at all.

This comic is boring.

Burned? How the hell can he tell that he’s burned? I don’t remember any burning. Do you?

Dammit. It’s stupid evil NiGHTS from hell again.

Does anyone else find it odd that he’s running an auto repairs shop under his own name? As in, the name of a well-known and (once) dangerous (former) criminal who blew up the moon?
“Oh, look, honey, here’s the guy that farked up the tides! Surely he can help with our automobile repair needs.”

Tails is kind of glossing over some important parts there. Like when they knocked Sonic unconscious. “Shadow protected me” doesn’t quite cut it.

“Yeah! I think it’ll be the role that finally wins me that Oscar.”


Comic… was that a… joke?
It sucked. Don’t do it again.

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