Chaos Diamonds 3: 41-50

That last panel is FARKING TERRIFYING. It’s the melting mouth that puts it over the edge.

“You have to come out of the closet sometime, you know.”

The 3rd panel needs some commas or a sentence break or something. It’s just awkward as it stands.
Anyway, hasn’t Amy put two and two together (she’d probably get five, but…) by now? It’s not like there’s any other interpretation of ‘I’d like to go out with you.’

Shadow likes to play the field.
I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something here is terribly, terribly idiotic.

I get why they’re coloring the text, but it’s not really necessary. It’s not like it would make sense any other way.


This one makes me incredibly sad for some reason.
This is either one of those stupid ‘He wasn’t really himself’ plots or one of the practically-identical Acquired Situational Narcissism plots.

This didn’t need to take up a whole page. It really, really didn’t. In f

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