Chaos Diamonds 3: 11-20

And yet another full page that only needs to take up 3 or 4 panels.

So, Tails has a thing for Amy in this alternate continuity?
… Do I even need to explain why that’s so very wrong? (Okay, Sonic X was no better, what with the PLANT-THING love interest, but I didn’t like Sonic X to begin with.)

…That first panel… ugh. To quote Josh Fruhlinger, comics make sex icky. Even if it’s just secondary sexual characteristics.

Sonic X wasn’t a movie. It was a horribly dubbed anime.
Who wants to bet Shadow is considerably less dead then would be indicated? (Hint: He was in the comic just last update.)
That “What if?” terrifies me in ways that I don’t want to understand but do just fine thanks to Gonterman.

I hate poorly done romantic subplots.

More of the same. What’s with the suddenly different art style, anyway?
A… vest?
Right now I feel obligated to point out that male Sonic characters don’t actually wear clothes in the game. Just saying. You can read into the unfortunate implications of that yourself.
At least Amy’s one major character trait is still in play.

What’s with the typical ‘gangsta’ (HOW I HATE THAT WORD) clothes? And why do they make me want to hurt something? (Hint: It’s stupid.)

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