NiTRO, Page 1

For our first foray into the world of inadequacy, we have this comic from David Gonterman. We’re springing for the obvious. The link already has annotations, but… uh… shut up.



Space Blimp? That doesn’t work. It just… doesn’t work. Well, I suppose it actually could work, but without friction it’d be pretty damn hard to steer. The SOL in its name isn’t a coincidence, by the way. And… I don’t think the Hindenburg actually belonged to the Nazis. It was built in the 30’s, before WWII even started.

At least Gonterman admits to his ego. He seems to have problems with realizing that it’s a BAD thing, though.

And, of course, the furrydom. Let this serve as a warning to us all: Never let furries design robots. This gets much creepier later on, let me tell you.

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