About Mediocre Stories

This is a blog dedicated to doing exactly what you might think: finding terrible stories in any format we can, and bringing them here to be mocked. Yes, this is at least partially inspired by MST3K, just like everywhere else you find these kinds of things, and yes, the acronym derived from the name (MST) is not a coincidence. It’s called an homage.

We try not to be too negative here. We’re not out to rid the world or these things or anything like that. We do this just to have fun. We’re not insulting anybody, just their work. There’s camp value in bad things, just like B-movies, and as any B-movie fan will tell you, it can be fun to just riff on something shoddy. And that’s all we’re doing. The very nature of this is highly subjective, so don’t feel insulted if something you like shows up here. It just means we’re uncultured, untalented hacks who hate art and joy and all that is good and happy.

UPDATE- 11/2/08: I finished the lead-up to the dungeon for Mystery Dungeon #15.


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